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CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World

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"The title of the book is not only intended to describe the movement toward networked social and political action, but like The Long Tail, Groundswell, and Tipping Point, it’s predisposed for buzzword status. Which is to say it’s potentially a term that transcends the book itself and becomes a part of the language we use, where the entire meaning of the book can be conveyed in a single word: CauseWired…" (MaxGladwell.com, October 7, 2008)

"Tom Watson’s book, CauseWired ... is a must read for nonprofits, community organizers, social entrepreneurs and advocates looking for motivation and examples of social media at work." (Lucy Bernholz, November 13, 2008)

"CauseWired is the first book focused on making sense of social media in the nonprofit world. Watson not only gets it-but he also explains why social media matters in understandable terms. Tom Watson's CauseWired, is must reading for anyone in the nonprofit world." (Blackbaud.com, September 17, 2008)

"It’s the perfect book to hand an executive director or board member or Communications VP who may not be as hands on with these tools as we are - and needs to understand the big picture." (Beth Kanter, November 3, 2008)

"A fascinating chronicle of the way in which social media and connectedness is changing the face of philanthropy and activism." (Cased.com, October 19,


"Some books come and go very quickly. Others are stickier and crystallize and capture a moment in time. CauseWired by Tom Watson fits perfectly into the latter category…At first glance the ribald, roiling world of online activism can feel overwhelmingly chaotic - and that’s exactly why CauseWired is so important. Watson makes sense of this new world by using real-world people and stories and creates a fun, fast read — go and get yourself a copy!" (Allison Fine, Social Citizens, October 23, 2008)

From the Foreword by Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation:

"From every direction, new opportunities to get involved are being presented and developed by a new breed of civic leaders and entrepreneurs.

And though the debate over how best to blend business models and nonprofit missions continues, the integration of entrepreneurial thinking and online tools into philanthropic ventures and the equally important integration of giving and nonprofit sensibility into corporate cultures are well underway.

"CauseWired does a wonderful job chronicling exactly that — the imaginative and bold ways people have chosen to make their voices and their causes heard using new tools, new technologies, and new social relationships.

"What is more, it provides an instructional narrative for anyone who wants to play a role in building this new culture of giving."

An eye-opening guide to the massive societal impact of online social networks

For today's super-wired, always-on, live-life-in-public young Americans, the causes they support define who they are. Societal aspirations have so permeated the "net native" population that causes have become like musical tastes. CauseWired illustrates wired causes in action, bringing real-world stories to readers.

The first book to track the massive societal impact on causes of online social networks--from blogs, to video, to the rise of social networks, CauseWired reveals the extraordinary influence of online social networks--in raising money for charity, in changing the political climate and electing candidates, and in raising consciousness for causes.

From Facebook causes and campaigns on MySpace, to a raft of new startups and innovative projects, and political movements like the Obama campaign and Save Darfur, this immensely relevant book delivers actionable research and recommendations to help readers launch their own successful wired social campaigns.

Tom Watson (Mount Vernon, NY) is the publisher of onPhilanthropy.com and founder of newcritics.com, an online journal of culture. A contributing writer to the Huffington Post with a 25-year professional career that includes the founding of two companies and several popular online publications, he is Chief Strategy Officer of Changing Our World Inc., a national philanthropic services company.

Keywords: online social networks, Fac, social consciousness, charity, blogs, blogger, onphilanthropy.com, Changing Our World, SaveDarfur

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