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The Good Life with Jesse Dylan: Redefining Your Health with the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time

Dylan, Jesse - The Good Life with Jesse Dylan: Redefining Your Health with the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time, ebook


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This book, for the first time, brings together of the greatest healers and most inspirational visionaries of our time to provide an unprecedented compilation of wisdom: you will learn how to heal your body, your mind and your spirit, and how to pass the amazing gift of holistic health on to all those you love. 

From the most inspired and gifted health gurus of our time, you will learn the intertwined secrets of true holistic health, all in this one small book. Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author of You: The Owners Manual, will detail for you the most concise anti-aging plan on the planet. Bob Proctor, one of the main voices of the international smash hit The Secret, will share with you the deepest levels of understanding the law of attraction. Across every relevant plain of health, from the most up-to-date exercise and eating programs to finding spiritual guidance and mental clarity, the brightest minds of our time have come together through the dedicated work of radio star Jesse Dylan, to clear a path to future health for us all.

In this book, you will hear from many great individuals in the realm of human wellness, inspiration and transformation.  Their insights and knowledge, if taken to heart, will help you to live a longer, healthier and more vibrant life in mind, body and spirit. On air, The Good Life has worked to surround its many listeners with the greatest minds in the world of health and human potential, and now you can take that incredible knowledge and inspiration home.

Excerpt from chapter 10: Soul Guidance

featuring Joan Borysenko, New York Times bestselling author of Your Soul’s Compass

We face important questions about who we are and where we’re going, both in our individual lives and in our lives as nations. Whether we look back to the traditions of Vedanta, or Buddhism, or Sufism, or Christianity, or even the early history of the United States, there is a common theme to how we find the real answers: we are to look for guidance within ourselves.  And if we can do this while respecting and understanding the spiritual practices of our neighbors, it’s even better.  Dr. Joan Borysenko is one of the standard bearers in this movement, with her dedication to interspirituality helping to move our planet towards compassionate understanding between peoples and faiths.  But it starts with us as individuals.

Here is a message to spur us on our way, which Borysenko says one of her friends left on his answering machine:

Hello.  This is not an answering machine.   This is a questioning machine. Who are you and what do you want?  Now before you start giggling, let me remind you that most of us come into this world and leave without ever answering those two simple questions.

Who are you?  What do you want? 


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