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Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully

Roiter, Bill - Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully, ebook


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How do I know if I am financially secure?

What does it take to make friends outside of work?

What is my role in taking care of my health?

I am not really sure what I want as I move beyond work. How can I find out?

Will I be lonely?

Is this really the beginning of the end?

Can I do this?

Beyond Work

Most baby boomers will do retirement well, but many may struggle. For some accomplished people, putting a successful career behind them to enter retirement can be a daunting prospect to face. Others worry, sometimes unnecessarily, about financial and health concerns. And for some, the huge blank canvas of a looming life of leisure is more anxiety-provoking than it is exciting. Whatever you think about retirement, it is not always easy and you are not foolish for worrying about it.

In fact, retirement is a new phase of life—the new adulthood—with its own challenges and rewards. Beyond Work shows you how you can make the transition successfully, face this new challenge head-on, and thrive in retirement. Beyond Work:

  • Goes beyond the financial dimension that tells you if you can retire to consider the three additional challenges that speak to how to retire.

  • Explains the key to a successful retirement: the four domains that provide structure during your new adulthood—financial, physical, social, and personal.

  • Features successful retirement stories from people who are thriving beyond work, as well as advice from experts and practical tools for making your own transition.

  • Helps you to discover what it means to live life on your terms, and what those terms can be.

  • Offers a framework for understanding the choices facing you in retirement, for actively making and renewing decisions about what’s best for you, and for making each decision a wise one.

  • Shows you how to leave traditional work behind and find new meaning and success in the life you plan beyond it.

Retirement is a big deal, but it is far from the withdrawal from the world that many of us dread. Beyond Work demystifies retirement and builds excitement for retiring while tranquilizing the worry about your new adult life.

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