Kearns, J. M.

Better Love Next Time: How the Relationship that Didn't Last Can Lead You to the One that Will

Kearns, J. M. - Better Love Next Time: How the Relationship that Didn't Last Can Lead You to the One that Will, ebook


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Better Love Next Time offers help in coping with the pain and heartache of a bad breakup, but more than that, it reveals how to overcome the lingering damage that a broken relationship can leave behind – how to heal your romantic soul. J.M. Kearns presents a simple (and entertaining) way to diagnose what went wrong, so history won't have to repeat itself, and explains how to decode the "guide to compatibility" written in your own past. Witty, frank, and full of real-life stories, Better Love Next Time ensures that when you do find a new love, you will arrive whole, renewed, and empowered to make it the one that lasts.

In Better Love Next Time, J.M. Kearns discusses: 

  • how to deal with the "wall of pain" that is a broken heart, and what is waiting beyond the wall

  • why "falling in love" too often doesn’t lead to love; and how to change that

  • how our attempts to avoid being cheated on again can make us choose exactly the wrong partners

  • the real key to faithfulness in a partner

  • the surprising toll that cheating takes on the cheater

  • how a mismatch can trick you into feeling inadequate

  • how to replace what you've lost after a breakup

  • how good matches go bad – the ultimate scoop on how to make your next (good) match last.

"Read it, people. J.M. Kearns's new book called Better Love Next Time... The book's main premise is that people often repeat the same mistakes in successive relationships, but if you can diagnose what really went wrong with your exes, you can have better relationships in the future." — Erin Meanley, Glamour.com

"If you're searching for love, then you should start with this refreshingly intelligent and insightful dating guide." — Shari Low, Daily Record

"Self-help books often make me skittish - but not this one. Kearns's advice is sound and good: he tells us to look inward, to be honest with ourselves, to stay the course. A chapter called How Good Matches Go Bad is, alone, worth the book's price…He says our demons will invariably rise up and try to disrupt …It's important to learn to step back when you sense trouble 'and ask yourself, who is talking here?' Are there old grudges in play? Old hurts stinging? False lessons echoing that have nothing to do with the two of you?" — Susan Schwartz, Montreal Gazette

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