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Table of contents

2. On the nondifferentiability of cone-monotone functions in Banach spaces
Jonathan Borwein, Rafal Goebel

3. Duality and a Farkas lemma for integer programs
Jean B. Lasserre

4. Some nonlinear Lagrange and penalty functions for problems with a single constraint
J.S. Giri, A.M. Rubinov†

5. Convergence of truncates in l
1 optimal feedback control 61
Robert Wenczel, Andrew Eberhard, Robin Hill

6. Asymptotical stability of optimal paths in nonconvex problems
Musa A. Mamedov

7. Pontryagin principle with a PDE: a unified approach
B. D. Craven

8. A turnpike property for discrete–time control systems in metric spaces
Alexander J. Zaslavski

9. Mond–Weir duality
B. Mond

10. Computing the fundamental matrix of an M/G/1–type Markov chain
Emma Hunt

11. A comparison of probabilistic and invariant subspace methods for the block M/G/1 Markov chain
Emma Hunt

12. Interpolating maps, the modulus map and Hadamardard’s inequality
S. S. Dragomir, Emma Hunt, C. E. M. Pearce

13. Estimating the size of correcting codes using extremal graph problems
Sergiy Butenko, Panos Pardalos, Ivan Sergienko, Vladimir Shylo, Petro Stetsyuk

14. New perspectives on optimal transforms of random vectors
P. G. Howlett, C. E. M. Pearce, A. P. Torokhti

15. Optimal capacity assignment in general queueing networks
P.K. Pollett

16. Analysis of a simple control policy for stormwater management in two connected dams
Julia Piantadosi, Phil Howlett

17. Optimal design of linear consecutive–k–out–of–n systems
Małgorzata O’Reilly

18. The (k+1)-th component of linear consecutive–k–out–of–n systems
Małgorzata O’Reilly

19. Optimizing properties of polypropylene and elastomer compounds containing wood flour
Pavel Spiridonov, Jan Budin, Stephen Clarke, Jani Matisons

20. Constrained spanning, Steiner trees and the triangle inequality
Prabhu Manyem

21. Parallel line search
T.C. Peachey, D. Abramson, A. Lewis

22. Alternative Mathematical Programming Models: A Case for a Coal Blending Decision Process
Ruhul A. Sarker

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

Publication year
Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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20 pages
Natural Sciences

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