Shacham-Diamand, Yosi

Advanced Nanoscale ULSI Interconnects: Fundamentals and Applications

Shacham-Diamand, Yosi - Advanced Nanoscale ULSI Interconnects:  Fundamentals and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Challenges in ULSI Interconnects – Introduction to the Book
Y. Shacham-Diamand

2. MOS Device and Interconnects Scaling Physics
Marc Rossum

3. Interconnects in ULSI Systems: Cu Interconnects Electrical Performance
Avinoam Kolodny

4. Electrodeposition
Madhav Datta

5. Electrophoretic Deposition
David Brandon

6. Wafer-Level 3D Integration for ULSI Interconnects
Ronald J. Gutmann, Jian-Qiang Lu

7. Diffusion Barriers for Ultra-Large-Scale Integrated Copper Metallization
A. Kohn, M. Eizenberg

8. Silicides
Osamu Nakatsuka, Shigeaki Zaima

9. Materials for ULSI metallization – Overview of Electrical Properties
S. Tsukimoto, K. Ito, M. Murakami

10. Low-κ Materials and Development Trends
Akira Hashimoto, Ichiro Koiwa

11. Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics of Air-Bridge Cu Interconnects
Hyun Park, Matthias Kraatz, Jay Im, Bernd Kastenmeier, Paul S. Ho

12. ALD Seed Layers for Plating and Electroless Plating
Jay J. Senkevich

13. Electrochemical Processes for ULSI Interconnects
Tetsuya Osaka, Madoka Hasegawa, Masahiro Yoshino, Noriyuki Yamachika

14. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Processes for ULSI Manufacturing
Schubert S. Chu

15. Electroless Deposition Approaching the Molecular Scale
A.M. Bittner

16. Modeling Superconformal Electrodeposition Using an Open Source PDE Solver
D. Wheeler, J.E. Guyer

17. Introduction to Electrochemical Process Integration for Cu Interconnects
Takayuki Ohba

18. Damascene Concept and Process Steps
Nobuyoshi Kobayashi

19. Advanced BEOL Technology Overview
T. Yoda, H. Miyajima

20. Lithography for Cu Damascene Fabrication
Yoshihiro Hayashi

21. Physical Vapor Deposition Barriers for Cu metallization – PVD Barriers
Junichi Koike

22. Low-k Dielectrics
Yoshihiro Hayashi

23. CMP for Cu Processing
Manabu Tsujimura

24. Electrochemical View of Copper Chemical–Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
D. Starosvetsky, Y. Ein-Eli

25. Copper Post-CMP Cleaning
D. Starosvetsky, Y. Ein-Eli

26. Electrochemical Processing Tools for Advanced Copper Interconnects: An Introduction
Madhav Datta

27. Electrochemical Deposition Processes and Tools
T. Ritzdorf

28. Electroless Deposition Processes and Tools
Z. Hu, T. Ritzdorf

29. Tools for Monitoring and Control of Bath Components
T. Ritzdorf

30. Processes and Tools for Co Alloy Capping
Bill Lee, Igor Ivanov

31. Advanced Planarization Techniques
Bulent M. Basol

32. Integrated Metrology (IM) History at a Glance
Moshe Finarov, David Scheiner, Gabi Sharon

33. Thin Film Metrology – X-ray Methods
Boris Yokhin

34. Emerging Nanoscale Interconnect Processing Technologies: Fundamental and Practice
Alain E. Kaloyeros, James Castracane, Kathleen Dunn, Eric Eisenbraun, Anand Gadre, Vincent LaBella, Timothy Stoner, Bai Xu, James G. Ryan, Anna Topol

35. Self-Assembly of Short Aromatic Peptides: From Amyloid Fibril Formation to Nanotechnology
Ehud Gazit

Keywords: Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Materials Science, general, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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