Buttazzo, Giuseppe

Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering

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Table of contents

2. Algorithm Issues and Challenges Associated with the Development of Robust CFD Codes
Steven R. Allmaras, John E. Bussoletti, Craig L. Hilmes, Forrester T. Johnson, Robin G. Melvin, Edward N. Tinoco, Venkat Venkatakrishnan, Laurence B. Wigton, David P. Young

3. Flight Path Optimization at Constant Altitude
Mark D. Ardema, Bryan C. Asuncion

4. A survey on the Newton problem of optimal profiles
Giuseppe Buttazzo

5. Innovative Rotor Blade Design Code
Vittorio Caramaschi, Claudio Monteggia

6. Fields of Extremals and Sufficient Conditions for the Simplest Problem of the Calculus of Variations in n-Variables
Dean A. Carlson, George Leitmann

7. A Framework for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
Giampiero Carpentieri, Michel J.L. Tooren

8. Optimal Motions of Multibody Systems in Resistive Media
Felix L. Chernousko

9. Instationary Heat-Constrained Trajectory Optimization of a Hypersonic Space Vehicle by ODE–PDE-Constrained Optimal Control
Kurt Chudej, Hans Josef Pesch, Markus Wächter, Gottfried Sachs, Florent Bras

10. Variational Approaches to Fracture
Gianpietro Piero

11. On the Problem of Synchronization of Identical Dynamical Systems: The Huygens’s Clocks
Rui Dilão

12. Best wing system: an exact solution of the Prandtl’s problem
Aldo Frediani, Guido Montanari

13. Numerical simulation of the dynamics of boats by a variational inequality approach
Luca Formaggia, Edie Miglio, Andrea Mola, Anna Scotti

14. Concepts of Active Noise Aircraft Cockpits Reduction Employed in High Noise Level
Hatem Foudhaili, Eduard Reithmeier

15. Lekhnitskii’s Formalism for Stress Concentrations Around Irregularities in Anisotropic Plates: Solutions for Arbitrary Boundary Conditions
Sotiris Koussios, Adriaan Beukers

16. Best Initial Conditions for the Rendezvous Maneuver
Angelo Miele, Marco Ciarcià

17. Commercial Aircraft Design for Reduced Noise and Environmental Impact
S. Mistry, Howard Smith, John P. Fielding

18. Variational Approach to the Problem of the Minimum Induced Drag of Wings
Maria Teresa Panaro, Aldo Frediani, Franco Giannessi, Emanuele Rizzo

19. Plastic Hinges in a Beam
Danilo Percivale, Franco Tomarelli

20. Problems of Minimal and Maximal Aerodynamic Resistance.
Alexander Plakhov

21. Shock Optimization for Airfoil Design Problems
Olivier Pironneau

22. Differential Games Treated by a Gradient–Restoration Approach
Mauro Pontani

23. Interval Methods for Optimal Control
Andreas Rauh, Eberhard P. Hofer

24. Application of Optimisation Algorithms to Aircraft Aerodynamics
Emanuele Rizzo, Aldo Frediani

25. Different levels of Optimization in Aircraft Design
Dieter Schmitt

26. Numerical and Analytical Methods for Global Optimization
Paolo Teofilatto, Mauro Pontani

27. The Aeroservoelasticity Qualification Process in Alenia
Vincenzo Vaccaro

28. Further Steps towards Quantitative Conceptual Aircraft Design
Michel Tooren, Gianfranco Rocca, Teodor Chiciudean

29. Some Plebeian Variational Problems
Piero Villaggio

Keywords: Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Automotive Engineering

Publication year
Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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