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Mercury Fate and Transport in the Global Atmosphere

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Table of contents

2. Global Mercury Emissions to the Atmosphere from Natural and Anthropogenic Sources

Nicola Pirrone, Sergio Cinnirella, Xinbin Feng, Robert B. Finkelman, Hans R. Friedli, Joy Leaner, Rob Mason, Arun B. Mukherjee, Glenn Stracher, David G. Streets, Kevin Telmer

3. Mercury emissions from coal combustion in China
David G Streets, Jiming Hao, Shuxiao Wang, Ye Wu

4. Mercury emissions from industrial sources in China
Xinbin Feng, David Streets, Jiming Hao, Ye Wu, Guanghui Li

5. Mercury emissions from industrial sources in India and its effects in the environment
Arun B. Mukherjee, Prosun Bhattacharya, Atanu Sarkar, Ron Zevenhoven

6. Mercury emissions from point sources in South Africa
Joy J. Leaner, James M. Dabrowski, Robert P. Mason, Tabby Resane, Marguerite Richardson, Martin Ginster, Gerhard Gericke, Chantel R. Petersen, Elizabeth Masekoameng, Peter J. Ashton, Kevin Murray

7. World emissions of mercury from artisanal and small scale gold mining
Kevin H. Telmer, Marcello M. Veiga

8. Mercury emissions from natural processes and their importance in the global mercury cycle
Robert P. Mason

9. Mercury emissions from global biomass burning: spatialand temporal distribution
Hans R. Friedli, Avelino F. Arellano, Sergio Cinnirella, Nicola Pirrone

10. Spatial coverage and temporal trends of land-based atmospheric mercury measurements in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Ralf Ebinghaus, Catharine Banic, Steve Beauchamp, Dan Jaffe, Hans Herbert Kock, Nicola Pirrone, Laurier Poissant, Francesca Sprovieri, Peter S. Weiss-Penzias

11. Spatial coverage and temporal trends of atmospheric mercury measurements in Polar Regions
Aurélien Dommergue, Christophe P. Ferrari, Marc Amyot, Steve Brooks, Francesca Sprovieri, Alexandra Steffen

12. Spatial coverage and temporal trends of over-water, air-surface exchange, surface and deep sea water mercury measurements
Francesca Sprovieri, Nicola Pirrone, Robert P. Mason, Maria Andersson

13. Monitoring and modeling projects for fate of Hg species in Japan
Noriyuki Suzuki, Yasuyuki Shibata, Koyo Ogasawara

14. The need for a coordinated global Hg monitoring network for global and regional models validation
Gerald J. Keeler, Nicola Pirrone, Russel Bullock, Sanford Sillman

15. Our current understanding of major chemical and physical processes affecting mercury dynamics in the atmosphere and at the air-water/terrestrial interfaces
Anthony J. Hynes, Deanna L. Donohoue, Michael E. Goodsite, Ian M. Hedgecock

16. Mercury chemical transformations in the gas, aqueous and heterogeneous phases: state-of-the-art science and uncertainties
Parisa A. Ariya, Kirk Peterson, Graydon Snider, Marc Amyot

17. Importance of a global scale approach to using regional models in the assessment of source-receptor relationships for mercury
O. Russell Bullock, Lyatt Jaeglé

18. Global mercury modelling at Environment Canada
Ashu P. Dastoor, Didier Davignon

19. The Geos-Chem model
Lyatt Jaeglé, Sarah A. Strode, Noelle E. Selin, Daniel J. Jacob

20. The ECHMERT model
Gerlinde Jung, Ian M. Hedgecock, Nicola Pirrone

21. The EMEP/MSC-E mercury modeling system
Oleg Travnikov, Ilia Ilyin

22. The AER/EPRI global chemical transport model for mercury (CTM-HG)
Christian Seigneur, Krish Vijayaraghavan, Kristen Lohman, Leonard Levin

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Ecotoxicology, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution

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