Cohen, Adam J.

Evaluation and Management of Blepharoptosis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Adam J. Cohen, David A. Weinberg

2. The History of Ptosis Surgery
Mithra O. Gonzalez, Vikram D. Durairaj

3. Eyelid Anatomy and Physiology with Reference to Blepharoptosis
Jonathan J. Dutton, Bartley R. Frueh

4. Risk Factor Assessment Prior to Ptosis Surgery
David I. Silbert

5. Ptosis: Nailing the Diagnosis and Considering the Differential Diagnosis
Geoff Wilcsek, Ian C. Francis

6. Preoperative Decision Making in Ptosis Surgery
Chris Thiagarajah, Robert Kersten

7. Pseudoptosis
Adam J. Cohen, David A. Weinberg

8. Congenital Ptosis
Edward J. Wladis, Dale R. Meyer

9. Involutional Ptosis
Jose Luis Tovilla

10. Myogenic Ptosis
Natan D. Kahn, David A. Weinberg

11. Myasthenia Gravis
Ippolit C. A. Matjucha

12. Neurogenic Blepharoptosis
Jonathan W. Kim

13. Traumatic Blepharoptosis
Nariman S. Boyle, Eli L. Chang

14. Anophthalmic Ptosis
Ann P. Murchison, Jurij R. Bilyk

15. Lash Ptosis
Renzo A. Zaldívar, Michael S. Lee, Andrew R. Harrison

16. The Nonsurgical Treatment of Ptosis
Ippolit C. A. Matjucha

17. External Levator Resection
Morris E. Hartstein, Natan D. Kahn, David A. Weinberg

18. Minimal Dissection, Small Incision Ptosis Correction
Bartley R. Frueh

19. Müller’s Muscle-Conjunctival Resection (Posterior Approach)
Adam J. Cohen, David A. Weinberg

20. Open-Sky (Anterior Approach) Müller’s Muscle Resection for the Correction of Blepharoptosis
Heather Baldwin

21. The Fasanella–Servat Procedure for Ptosis
Kim Jebodhsingh, James Oestreicher, John T. Harvey

22. Full-Thickness Eyelid Resection for Blepharoptosis Correction
Shu-Hong Chang, Norm Shorr

23. Frontalis Suspension for the Correction of Blepharoptosis
Eve E. Moscato, Stuart R. Seiff

24. In-Office Surgery, Anesthesia, and Analgesia
C. Robert Bernardino

25. Ethnic and Gender Considerations in Ptosis Surgery
Jed Poll, Michael T. Yen

26. Aesthetic Considerations for the Ptosis Surgeon
Adam J. Cohen, David A. Weinberg

27. Challenging Ptosis Scenarios
John B. Holds, Adam G. Buchanan, Morris Hartstein, David A. Weinberg, Adam J. Cohen

28. Ptosis Surgery: Comparing Different Surgical Techniques
Alon Skaat, Guy Jonathan Ben Simon

29. Ptosis Surgery Failure and Reoperation
Jill Melicher, Jefferey A. Nerad

30. Complications of Ptosis Repair: Prevention and Management
Milad Hakimbashi, Don O. Kikkawa, Bobby S. Korn

31. Commentary: Perspective of a Risk Manager: 12 Steps of a Successful Surgical Encounter
John Shore

32. Conclusion
Adam J. Cohen, David A. Weinberg

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Surgery, Dermatology

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