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Textbook of Rapid Response Systems

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Table of contents

1. Rapid Response Systems History and Terminology
Bradford D. Winters, Michael DeVita

2. RRS’s General Principles
Ajay D. Rao, Michael DeVita

3. Measuring and Improving Safety
Bradford D. Winters, Peter J. Pronovost, Marlene Miller, Elizabeth A. Hunt

4. Integrating a Rapid Response System into a Patient Safety Program
John Gosbee

5. Acute Hospitalist Medicine and the Rapid Response System
David J. McAdams

6. Medical Trainees and Patient Safety
Stephen W. Lam, Arthas Flabouris

7. Rapid Response Systems: A Review of the Evidence
Bradford D. Winters, Julius C. Pham

8. Healthcare Systems and Their (Lack of ) Integration
Ken Hillman, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Jack Chen

9. Creating Process and Policy Change in Healthcare
Stuart F. Reynolds, Bernard Lawless

10. The Challenge of Predicting In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests and Deaths
Michael Buist

11. The Meaning of Vital Signs
John Kellett, Breda Deane, Margaret Gleeson

12. Matching Illness Severity with Level of Care
Gary B. Smith, Juliane Kause

13. Causes of Failure to Rescue
Marilyn Hravnak, Andrea Schmid, Lora Ott, Michael R. Pinsky

14. Impact of Hospital Size and Location on Feasibility of RRS
Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo

15. Barriers to the Implementation of RRS
Michael A. DeVita, Ken Hillman

16. An Overview of the Afferent Limb
Gary B. Smith, David R. Prytherch

17. The Impact of Delayed RRS Activation
Daryl Jones, Michael Haase, Rinaldo Bellomo

18. The Case for Family Activation of the RRS
Helen Haskell

19. RRT: Nurse-Led RRSs
Kathy D. Duncan, Christiane Levine

20. MET: Physician-Led RRSs
Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo

21. Pediatric RRSs
James Tibballs, Richard J. Brilli

22. Sepsis Response Team
Emanuel P. Rivers, David Amponsah, Victor Coba

23. Other Efferent Limb Teams: (BAT, DAT, M, H, and Trauma)
Daniel Shearn, Michael DeVita

24. Other Efferent Limb Teams: Crisis Response for Obstetric Patients
Gabriella G. Gosman, Hyagriv N. Simhan, Karen Stein, Patricia Dalby, Marie Baldisseri

25. Personnel Resources for Responding Teams
Andrew W. Murray, Michael A. DeVita, John J. Shaefer

26. Equipment, Medications, and Supplies for an RRS
Edgar Delgado, Wendeline J. Grbach, Joanne Kowiatek, Michael DeVita

27. The Administrative Limb
Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo

28. The Second Victim
Susan D. Scott, Laura E. Hirschinger, Myra McCoig, Karen Cox, Kristin Hahn-Cover, Leslie W. Hall

29. RRSs in Teaching Hospitals
Max Bell, David Konrad

30. The Nurse’s View of RRS
Donna Goldsmith, Nicolette C. Mininni

31. Resident Training and RRSs
Geoffrey K. Lighthall

32. Optimizing RRSs Through Simulation
Melinda Fiedor Hamilton, Elizabeth A. Hunt, Michael A. DeVita

33. Evaluating Effectiveness of Complex System Interventions
Jack Chen

34. RRS Education for Ward Staff
John R. Welch, Gary B. Smith

35. Standardized Process and Outcome Assessment Tool
Gabriella Jäderling, David Konrad

36. The Impact of RRSs on Choosing “Not-for-Resuscitation” Status
Arthas Flabouris, Jack Chen

37. The Costs and the Savings
Dana Edelson, Rinaldo Bellomo

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Cardiology

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