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International Handbook of Anger

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Table of contents

1. Cross-Disciplinary Views of Anger: Consensus and Controversy
Michael Potegal, Gerhard Stemmler

2. A Brief History of Anger
Michael Potegal, Raymond W. Novaco

3. Population and Molecular Genetics of Anger and Aggression: Current State of the Art
Martin Reuter

4. Constructing a Neurology of Anger
Michael Potegal, Gerhard Stemmler

5. Anger, Motivation, and Asymmetrical Frontal Cortical Activations
Eddie Harmon-Jones, Carly K. Peterson, Cindy Harmon-Jones

6. The Neurochemistry and Psychopharmacology of Anger
Alyson J. Bond, Janet Wingrove

7. Somatovisceral Activation During Anger
Gerhard Stemmler

8. The Expression of Anger Across Cultures
David Matsumoto, Seung Hee Yoo, Joanne Chung

9. Vocal Expressions of Anger
James A. Green, Pamela G. Whitney, Gwen E. Gustafson

10. Cross-Cultural Experience of Anger: A Psycholinguistic Analysis
Zoltán Kövecses

11. The Development of Anger
Michael Lewis

12. Anger in Children’s Tantrums: A New, Quantitative, Behaviorally Based Model
Michael Potegal, Peihua Qiu

13. The Development of Anger from Preschool to Middle Childhood: Expressing, Understanding, and Regulating Anger
Elizabeth A. Lemerise, Bridgette D. Harper

14. Anger and the Reactive–Proactive Aggression Distinction in Childhood and Adolescence
Julie A. Hubbard, Lydia J. Romano, Meghan D. McAuliffe, Michael T. Morrow

15. Why Do I Get Angry? A Componential Appraisal Approach
Tanja Wranik, Klaus R. Scherer

16. Appraisals and Anger: How Complete Are the Usual Appraisal Accounts of Anger?
Leonard Berkowitz

17. Fuel in the Fire: How Anger Impacts Judgment and Decision-Making
Paul M. Litvak, Jennifer S. Lerner, Larissa Z. Tiedens, Katherine Shonk

18. State and Trait Anger, Fear, and Social Information Processing
David Schultz, Angela Grodack, Carroll E. Izard

19. The Sociological Study of Anger: Basic Social Patterns and Contexts
Scott Schieman

20. Anger in the Context of Gender
Agneta H. Fischer, Catharine Evers

21. Madmen: An Evolutionary Perspective on Anger and Men’s Violent Responses to Transgression
Daniel M. T. Fessler

22. The Temporal Dynamics of Anger: Phenomena, Processes, and Perplexities
Michael Potegal

23. The Nature and Measurement of Anger
Charles D. Spielberger, Eric C. Reheiser

24. “Righteous” Anger and Revenge in the Workplace: The Fantasies, the Feuds, the Forgiveness
Thomas M. Tripp, Robert J. Bies

25. Anger/Hostility and Cardiovascular Disease
Janice E. Williams

26. The Anger of Pain Sufferers: Attributions to Agents and Appraisals of Wrongdoings
Ephrem Fernandez, Ajay Wasan

27. Anger and Psychopathology
Raymond W. Novaco

28. Toward an Integrative Psychotherapy for Maladaptive Anger
Ephrem Fernandez

29. The Contribution of Child Anger and Fear, and Parental Discipline to Early Antisocial Behavior: An Integrative Model
James Snyder, Lynn Schrepferman, Amber McEachern, Jamie DeLeeuw

30. Anger in Intimate Relationships
Donald G. Dutton

31. Don’t Worry, Be Angry? Effects of Anger on Feelings, Thoughts, and Actions in Conflict and Negotiation
Gerben A. Van Kleef

32. Anger, Violence, and Political Science
Roger Petersen, Sarah Zukerman

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Sociology, Neuropsychology

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