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Damage Control Management in the Polytrauma Patient

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Table of contents

Part I. Epidemiology and Pathophysiology

1. The Damage Control Approach
Claudia E. Goettler, Michael F. Rotondo, Peter V. Giannoudis

2. Epidemiology of Polytrauma
Fiona E. Lecky, Omar Bouamra, Maralyn Woodford, Roxana Alexandrescu, Sarah Jane O’Brien

3. Pathogenetic Changes: Isolated Extremity Trauma and Polytrauma
Martijn Griensven

4. Pathogenetic Changes: Secondary Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Rao R. Ivatury, Ajai K. Malhotra, Michel B. Aboutanos, Therèse M. Duane, Julie A. Mayglothling

5. Impact of Head and Chest Trauma on General Condition
Otmar Trentz, Philipp M. Lenzlinger

6. Patient Selection: Orthopedic Approach in Isolated Injuries
Brad A. Prather, Craig S. Roberts

7. Patient Selection: Orthopedic Approach in Polytrauma
Hans-Christoph Pape, Christopher C. Tzioupis, Peter V. Giannoudis

Part II. Phases of Damage Control

8. Phase 0: Damage Control Resuscitation in the Pre-hospital and Emergency Department Settings
Andrew B. Peitzman, Babak Sarani

9. Phase I: Abbreviated Surgery
Gary Lombardo, John P. Pryor

10. Phase II: The ICU Phase of Damage Control: Managing the Patient from Door to Door
Bryan A. Cotton, C. William Schwab

11. Phase III: Second Operation Repair of All Injuries General and Orthopedics
Benjamin Braslow, C. William Schwab

12. Phase IV: Late Reconstruction Abdominal Wall Closure: Staged Management Technique
Timothy C. Fabian

13. Phase IV: Late Reconstruction: Reconstruction of Posttraumatic Soft Tissue Defects
Jörn Redeker, Peter M. Vogt

14. The Role of Interventional Radiology
Thomas M. Scalea, Patrick C. Malloy

Part III. Special Aspects of Damage Control

15. Head Injuries in Polytrauma Patients
James M. Schuster

16. Spinal Injuries in Polytrauma Patients
Clinton James Devin, Gbolahan O. Okubadejo, Joon Y. Lee

17. Pelvic Fractures in Polytrauma Patients
Peter V. Giannoudis, Christopher C. Tzioupis, Hans-Christoph Pape

18. Vascular Injuries in Polytrauma Patients
Luke P. H. Leenen, Frans L. Moll

19. Pediatric Trauma and Polytrauma Pediatric Patients
Yigit S. Guner, Henri R. Ford, Jeffrey S. Upperman

20. Damage Control in Elderly Polytrauma Patients
Robert V. Cantu, Kenneth J. Koval

21. Mass Casualties: Military and Civilian
Alan D. Murdock, Donald H. Jenkins

Part IV. Complications and Outcomes

22. Complications and Outcomes: Abdominal, General, and Extremity Complications
George C. Velmahos, Malek Tabbara

23. Critical Decision Points in Managing the Open Abdomen
Nathan T. Mowery, John A. Morris

24. Functional Long-Term Outcomes in Polytrauma Patients with Orthopedic Injuries
Boris A. Zelle, Andrew Marcantonio, Ivan S. Tarkin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Traumatic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery

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