Chinchuluun, Altannar

Optimization and Optimal Control

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Table of contents

1. Sensibility Function as Convolution of System of Optimization Problems
Anatoly Antipin

2. Post-Optimal Analysis of Linear Semi-Infinite Programs
Miguel A. Goberna

3. On Equilibrium Problems
Gábor Kassay

4. Scalarly Compactness, (S)+-Type Conditions, Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems in Banach Spaces
George Isac

5. Quasi-equilibrium Inclusion Problems of the Blum–Oettli-Type and Related Problems
Nguyen Xuan Tan, Lai-Jiu Lin

6. General Quadratic Programming and Its Applications in Response Surface Analysis
Rentsen Enkhbat, Yadam Bazarsad

7. Canonical Dual Solutions for Fixed Cost Quadratic Programs
David Yang Gao, Ning Ruan, Hanif D. Sherali

8. Algorithms of Quasidifferentiable Optimization for the Separation of Point Sets
Bernd Luderer, Denny Wagner

9. A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Global Optimization
Mend-Amar Majig, Abdel-Rahman Hedar, Masao Fukushima

10. Gap Functions for Vector Equilibrium Problems via Conjugate Duality
Lkhamsuren Altangerel, Gert Wanka

11. Polynomially Solvable Cases of Binary Quadratic Programs
Duan Li, Xiaoling Sun, Shenshen Gu, Jianjun Gao, Chunli Liu

12. Generalized Solutions of Multi-valued Monotone Quasi-variational Inequalities
Baasansuren Jadamba, Akhtar A. Khan, Fabio Raciti, Behzad Djafari Rouhani

13. Optimal Feedback Control for Stochastic Impulsive Linear Systems Subject to Poisson Processes
Zhi Guo Feng, Kok Lay Teo

14. Analysis of Differential Inclusions: Feedback Control Method
Vyacheslav Maksimov

15. A Game Theoretic Algorithm to Solve Riccati and Hamilton—Jacobi—Bellman—Isaacs (HJBI) Equations in H Control
Brian D. O. Anderson, Yantao Feng, Weitian Chen

16. Online Adaptive Optimal Control Based on Reinforcement Learning
Draguna Vrabie, Frank Lewis

17. Perturbation Methods in Optimal Control Problems
Alexander S. Buldaev

18. Stochastic Optimal Control with Applications in Financial Engineering
Hans P. Geering, Florian Herzog, Gabriel Dondi

19. A Nonlinear Optimal Control Approach to Process Scheduling
Fabio D. Fagundez, João Lauro D. Facó, Adilson E. Xavier

20. Hadamard’s Matrices, Grothendieck’s Constant, and Root Two
Dominique Fortin

21. On the Pasture Territories Covering Maximal Grass
Haltar Damba, Vladimir M. Tikhomirov, Konstantin Y. Osipenko

22. On Solvability of the Rate Control Problem in Wired-cum-Wireless Networks
Won-Joo Hwang, Cong Loi Le, Rentsen Enkhbat

23. Integer Programming of Biclustering Based on Graph Models
Neng Fan, Altannar Chinchuluun, Panos M. Pardalos

24. A Random Arrival Time Best-Choice Problem with Uniform Prior on the Number of Arrivals
Mitsushi Tamaki, Qi Wang

Keywords: Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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