Kainz, Martin

Lipids in Aquatic Ecosystems

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Table of contents

2. Algal lipids and effect of the environment on their biochemistry
Irina A. Guschina, John L. Harwood

3. Formation and Transfer of Fatty Acids in Aquatic Microbial Food Webs: Role of Heterotrophic Protists
Christian Desvilettes, Alexandre Bec

4. Ecological significance of sterols in aquatic food webs
Dominik Martin-Creuzburg, Eric von Elert

5. Fatty acids and oxylipins as semiochemicals
Susan B. Watson, Gary Caldwell, Georg Pohnert

6. Integrating lipids and contaminants in aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology
Martin J. Kainz, Aaron T. Fisk

7. Crustacean zooplankton fatty acid composition
Michael T. Brett, Dörthe C. Müller-Navarra, Jonas Persson

8. Fatty Acid Ratios in Freshwater Fish, Zooplankton and Zoobenthos – Are There Specific Optima?
Gunnel Ahlgren, Tobias Vrede, Willem Goedkoop

9. Preliminary estimates of the export of omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids (EPA+DHA) from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems
M.I. Gladyshev, M.T. Arts, N.N. Sushchik

10. Biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids in aquatic ecosystems: general pathways and new directions
Michael V. Bell, Douglas R. Tocher

11. Health and condition in fish: the influence of lipids on membrane competency and immune response
Michael T. Arts, Christopher C. Kohler

12. Lipids in marine copepods: latitudinal characteristics and perspective to global warming
Gerhard Kattner, Wilhelm Hagen

13. Tracing aquatic food webs using fatty acids: from qualitative indicators to quantitative determination
Sara J. Iverson

14. Essential fatty acids in aquatic food webs
Christopher C. Parrish

15. Human life: caught in the food web
William E. M. Lands

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Biochemistry, general, Environmental Management, Ecotoxicology, Ecosystems

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18 pages
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