Maljevic, Almir

A War on Terror?

Maljevic, Almir - A War on Terror?, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Marianne Wade, Almir Maljević

2. International Terrorism – German Police Perspective: The Current Threat Environment and Counterstrategies from the German Police Perspective
Jürgen Stock, Annette L. Herz

3. Terrorism and the Internet: New Threats Posed by Cyberterrorism and Terrorist Use of the Internet
Phillip W. Brunst

4. The Role of the United Nations in the Prevention and Repression of International Terrorism
Paul J. Rabbat

5. The European Union as an Actor in the Fight Against Terrorism
Thomas Wahl

6. Instruments of International Law: Against Terrorist Use of the Internet
Ulrich Sieber

7. Victims of Terrorism Policies: Should Victims of Terrorism Be Treated Differently?
Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Michael Kilchling

8. Anti-Terrorism Related Criminal Law Reforms and Human Rights in Slovenia
Damjan Korošec, Sabina Zgaga

9. Extraordinary Renditions – Shadow Proceedings, Human Rights, and ”the Algerian six”: The War on Terror in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Almir Maljević

10. Terrorist Attacks: Criminal Prosecution or National Defence?
Wolfgang Hetzer

11. The Evolution of the Antiterror Legal and Institutional Framework in Croatia
Davor Derenčinović

12. Muslims Communities and Counterterrorism: The Dynamics of Exclusion and Possibilities of Inclusion
Tufyal Choudhury

13. Control Orders: Borders to the Freedom of Movement or Moving the Borders of Freedom?
Susanne Forster

14. Telephone-Tap Evidence and Administrative Detention in the UK
John R. Spencer

15. Fighting Terrorism – the Unprincipled Approach: the UK, the War on Terror and Criminal Law
Marianne Wade

16. Balancing Liberty and Security? A Legal Analysis of UK Anti-Terrorist Legislation
Tony Smith

17. Limiting Fundamental Rights in the Fight Against Terrorism in Spain
Víctor Moreno Catena, Mariangeles Catalina Benavente

18. The Fight Against Terrorism and Human Rights: The French Perspective
Olivier Cahn

19. The Secret Service’s Influence on Criminal Proceedings
Marc Engelhart

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Criminal Law

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