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Ecotoxicological Characterization of Waste

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Table of contents

2. Overview on the Results
of the Ring Test
J. Römbke, H. Moser, T. Moser

3. Legal and Organisational Background
of the Ring Test
H. Moser, H. Kessler

4. Selection and Characterization of Test Samples
and Eluates
R. Becker, U. Kalbe, A. Buchholz

5. Ring Test Data Evaluation
G. Donnevert, S. Uhlig, T. Moser

6. Range of Reference Tests in Aquatic Tests
M. Pattard, J. Römbke, T. Moser

7. Range of Reference Tests in Terrestrial Tests
A. Haller, M. Goth, M. Pattard

8. Algae Tests
R. Weltens

9. Daphnia Tests
P. Pandard

10. Luminescent Bacteria Test
M. Pattard, H. Moser

11. Plant Tests
B. Foerster, C. Firla, T. Junker

12. Earthworm Tests
T. Moser, C. Firla, A. Haller, A. Scheffczyk

13. Lemna Growth Inhibition Test
H. Moser, M. Pattard

14. Toxkit Tests
K. Wadhia, G. Persoone

15. Pseudomonas putida Growth Inhibition Test
C. Hafner

16. Ceriodaphnia dubia Chronic Toxicity Tests
C. Bazin, P. Pandard, A.-M. Charissou, Y. Barthel

17. Genotoxicity Tests
J. Römbke, H. Neumann-Hensel

18. Earthworm Reproduction Tests
F. Riepert, J. Römbke, T. Moser

19. Enchytraeid Reproduction Tests
M.J.B. Amorim, R. Kuperman, J. Römbke

20. Collembolan Tests
A. Scheffczyk, T. Moser, T. Natal-da-Luz

21. Earthworm Avoidance Tests
T. Natal-da-Luz, X. Domene, A. Scheffczyk, J.P. Sousa

22. Bacteria Contact Test
H. Neumann-Hensel, C. Roeber

23. Reproducibility and Repeatability
of the Results of the European Ring
Test on the Ecotoxicological Characterisation
of Waste
J. Römbke, C. Wielen, H. Moser

24. Comparison Between Toxkit Microbiotests
and Standard Tests
G. Persoone, K. Wadhia

25. Comparison and Characterization
of OECD Artificial Soils
J. Hofman, I. Hovorková, J. Machát

26. Leaching and Chemical Speciation
Modeling of Wastes
H.A. Sloot, A. Zomeren

27. Ecotoxicological Response of Three Waste
Samples in Relation to Chemical Speciation
Modeling of Leachates
J.F. Postma, H.A. van der Sloot, A. van Zomeren

28. H14-Navigator Uses Topic Maps
as Application Data Model
G.E. Weber, R. Eilbracht, S. Kesberg

29. Test Recommendations
H. Moser, J. Römbke, T. Moser

30. Ecotoxicological Characterisation
of Waste as an Instrument in Waste
Classification and Risk Assessment
H. Moser, H. Kessler

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, Ecotoxicology

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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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