Dagostino, Miguel Chavez

New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics II

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Table of contents

2. The Rest-Frame UV Spectrum of Elliptical Galaxies at High Redshift
Alvio Renzini

3. Rest-Frame UV and Visible Properties of Early Type Galaxies at 1 < z < 2
Patrick McCarthy

4. Effect of Reionization on High-z Stellar Populations
Daniel Babich

5. Near UV Properties of Early–Type Galaxies at z ~ 1
Sperello di Serego Alighieri, Alessandro Bressan

6. High Redshift Simulations Using the GALEX Ultraviolet Images of Nearby Galaxies
Bum-Suk Yeom, Young Kwang Kim, Soo-Chang Rey, Young Hoon Joe, Armando Gil Paz

7. GALEX Studies of Early-type Galaxies: the UV Rising Flux and Residual Star Formation
Michael Rich

8. UV Excess and AGB Evolution in Elliptical-Galaxy Stellar Populations
Rosa A. González-Lópezlira, Alberto Buzzoni

9. Binary Stars as the Source of the Far-UV Excess in Elliptical Galaxies
Zhanwen Han, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Anthony E. Lynas-Gray

10. Stellar Populations in Field Early–Type Galaxies
F. Annibali, A. Bressan, R. Rampazzo, P. Panuzzo, W. Zeilinger, L. Danese

11. GALEX UV Observations of Elliptical Galaxies in Abell Clusters at z < 0.2
Chang H. Ree, Young-Wook Lee, Sukyoung Yi, Suk-Jin Yoon

12. Near-UV Merger Signatures in Early-Type Galaxies
Jodie R. Martin, Robert W. O’Connell, John E. Hibbard

13. The Chemical Composition of Elliptical Galaxies Through Mid-UV Indices
G. Ramos-Larios, M. Chávez, J. Morales-Hernández, F. Huerta-Villapando, L. Sierra, H. Rosa, A. Pérez-Grana, E. Bertone, L.H. Rodríguez-Merino

14. Colours of the Envelopes of cD Galaxies
S. N. Kemp, V. Guzmán Jiménez, P. Ramírez Beraud, J.A. Pérez Grana, V.H. Ramírez Siordia, F.J. Hernández Ibarra

15. A Morphological Study of M81: Comparison Between GALEX and Spitzer Imaging
I. Puerari, R. A. González–Lópezlira, M. Valdez–Gutiérrez

16. The Impact of Encounters on the Members of Local Group Analogs. A View from GALEX

Lucio M. Buson, Daniela Bettoni, Luciana Bianchi, Alberto Buzzoni, Antonietta Marino, Roberto Rampazzo

17. GALEX UV Spectroscopy of Extended Objects: The Case of NGC3079
Daniel Rosa González, Veronique Buat, Denis Burgarella, Samuel Boissier, Alessandro Boselli, Armando Gil Paz

18. An Atlas of GALEX UV Spectra Selected from the CDFS
Martha Bello–Ramírez, Daniel Rosa–González

19. Weak X-ray Galaxies in the Chandra Deep Field South: Searching for an Early Stage of Star Formation
Jesús Lúpez-Hernández, Daniel Rosa-González, Elena Terlevich, Roberto Terlevich

20. UV Observations of Galactic Globular Clusters
Francesco R. Ferraro, Barbara Lanzoni

21. Globular Clusters with the Extended Horizontal-Branch as Remaining Cores of Galaxy Building Blocks
Young-Wook Lee, Hansung B. Gim, Chul Chung

22. The Blue Straggler Star Radial Distribution: Clues on Formation Mechanisms
Barbara Lanzoni

23. Infant Mortality of Star Clusters: on the Origin of the Diffuse UV Emission
Anne Pellerin, Martin J. Meyer, Jason Harris, Daniela Calzetti

24. Are the Compact Star Clusters in M82 Evolving Towards Globular Clusters?
Y. D. Mayya, D. Rosa-González, L. H. Rodríguez-Merino, L. Carrasco, R. Romano, A. Luna

25. NGC 4214: Cluster Properties Derived from Multi-band Photometry
Leonardo Úbeda, Jesús Maíz-Apellániz, John W. MacKenty

26. UV Spectroscopic Indices of Galactic Globular Clusters
Javier Morales-Hernández, Miguel Chávez, Emanuele Bertone, Alberto Buzzoni, Alessandro Bressan

27. The Extended Emission of Ultracompact HII Regions: An Overview and New Observations
Eduardo Fuente, Stanley E. Kurtz, M.S.N. Kumar, José Franco, Alicia Porras, Simon N. Kemp, Alfredo Franco–Balderas

28. Horizontal Branch Stars and the Ultraviolet Universe
M. Catelan

29. Subdwarf B and O Stars: Which Evolutionary Pathways?
R. Napiwotzki

30. Computing Solar Absolute Fluxes
Carlos Allende Prieto

31. Recent Progress in Modeling Stellar Atmospheres
Ivan Hubeny, Thierry Lanz

32. Ultraviolet Stellar and Cluster Spectra Compared to Theoretical Templates
Ruth C. Peterson

33. A Novel Precise Method for Correcting the Temperature in Stellar Atmosphere Models
Octavio Cardona, Lucio Crivellari, Eduardo Simonneau

34. New Model Atmospheres: Testing the Solar Spectrum in the UV
Lino H. Rodríguez-Merino, Octavio Cardona, Emanuele Bertone, Miguel Chávez, Alberto Buzzoni

35. Photoionization, Recombination, and Radiative Transitions of Atoms and Ions
Sultana N. Nahar

36. Recombination rates, Resonance Strengths and Line Profiles of Dielectronic Satellite Lines of He-like Ca, Fe, Ni
Sultana N. Nahar, Justin Oelgoetz, Anil K. Pradhan

37. Population Synthesis at Short Wavelengths and Spectrophotometric Diagnostic Tools for Galaxy Evolution
Alberto Buzzoni, Emanuele Bertone, Miguel Ch´vez, Lino H. Rodríguez-Merino

38. Constraining Galaxy Evolution With Hubble’s Next Generation Spectral Library
Sally Heap, Don J. Lindler

39. Spectral Evolution and Line Strength Indices in the UV
Bruzual A. Gustavo

40. Synthesis Models in a Probabilistic Framework: Metrics of Fitting
Miguel Cerviño, Valentina Luridiana

41. World Space Observatory-UltraViolet: International Space Mission for the Nearest Future
Mikhail Sachkov, Ana I. Gómez de Castro, Isabella Pagano, Francisco Torres, Yuri Zaiko, Boris Shustov

42. The Focal-plane Instruments on Board WSO-UV
Isabella Pagano, Mikhail Sachkov, Ana I. Gómez de Castro, Maohai Huang, Norbert Kappelmann, Salvatore Scuderi, Boris Shustov, Klaus Werner, Gang Zhao

43. Science with the World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet
Ana I. Gómez de Castro, Isabella Pagano, Mikhail Sachkov, Alain Lecavelier des Étangs, Giampaolo Piotto, Rosa González, Boris Shustov

44. Introducing UVIT
Leonardo Úbeda, Carmelle Robert, Laurent Drissen

45. Efficiency of Selected UV Space Based Spectrometers
Valentina Klochkova, Vladimir Panchuk, Mikhail Sachkov, Maxim Yushkin

46. Astronomy at the University of Guadalajara
Miguel Chávez, Gerardo Ramos-Larios

Keywords: Physics, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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