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Essentials of Pain Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Pain Management, Historical Perspectives, and Careers in Pain Management
Erica Bial, Doris K. Cope

2. Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain Management
Debebe Fikremariam, Mario Serafini

3. Anatomic and Physiologic Principles of Pain
Xing Fu, Dan Froicu, Raymond Sinatra

4. Acute and Chronic Mechanisms of Pain
Amit Mirchandani, Marianne Saleeb, Raymond Sinatra

5. Assessment of Pain: Complete Patient Evaluation
Amitabh Gulati, Jeffrey Loh

6. Diagnostic Imaging in Pain Management
Timothy Malhotra

7. Opioids: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Charles J. Fox, Henry A. Hawney, Alan D. Kaye

8. Opioids: Basic Concepts in Clinical Practice
Geremy L. Sanders, Michael P. Sprintz, Ryan P. Ellender, Alecia L. Sabartinelli, Alan D. Kaye

9. Nonopioid Analgesics in Pain Management
Jack M. Berger, Shaaron Zaghi

10. Alternative and Herbal Pharmaceuticals
Alan D. Kaye, Muhammad Anwar, Amir Baluch

11. Importance of Placebo Effect in Pain Management
Charles Brown, Paul J. Christo

12. Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluation of the Chronic Pain Patient
Raphael J. Leo, Wendy J. Quinton, Michael H. Ebert

13. Interventional Pain Management
Michael A. Cosgrove, David K. Towns, Gilbert J. Fanciullo, Alan D. Kaye

14. Functional Restoration of Patients with Pain
Ali Nemat, Yogi Matharu

15. Occupational Therapy in Client-Centered Pain Management
Janet S. Jedlicka, Anne M. Haskins, Jan E. Stube

16. Acupuncture
Shu-Ming Wang

17. Nursing Perspective on Pain Management
Ena Williams

18. Post-surgical Pain Management
Darin J. Correll

19. Pain Management for Trauma
Neil Sinha, Steven P. Cohen

20. Regional Anesthesia Techniques
Thomas Halaszynski, Richa Wardhan, Elizabeth Freck

21. Principles of Ultrasound Techniques
Thomas Halaszynski

22. Labor Pain Management
Ferne Braverman

23. Neuropathic Pain
Gerald W. Grass

24. Ischemic and Visceral Pain
Robby Romero, Dmitri Souzdalnitski, Trevor Banack

25. Fibromyalgia, Arthritic, and Myofascial Pain
Nalini Vadivelu, Richard D. Urman

26. Head, Neck, and Back Pain
May L. Chin

27. Headache
Mani K.C. Vindhya, Prasad Nidadavolu, Chris James

28. Management of Cancer Pain
Joseph N. Atallah

29. Ethics in Pain Management and End of Life Care
Jack M. Berger

30. Pediatric Pain Management
Arlyne K. Thung, Rae Ann Kingsley, Brenda C. McClain

31. Managing Pain in the Addicted Patient
Susan Dabu-Bondoc, Robert Zhang, Nalini Vadivelu

32. Pain Management in Elderly Patients
Shamsuddin Akhtar, Roberto Rappa, M. Khurrum Ghori

33. Management of Oro-dental Pain
Amarender Vadivelu

34. Drug Formulary for Pain Management
Anita Hickey, Ian Laughlin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine, General Practice / Family Medicine, Neurology

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