Meyer, Norbert

Grid and Services Evolution

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Table of contents

2. A Java Task Execution Manager for Commodity Grids
Shenol Yousouf, Lazar Kirchev, Vasil Georgiev

3. Evaluation of Custom vs Commodity Technology-based Storage Elements.
Maciej Brzezniak, Norbert Meyer, Michail Flouris, Angelos Bilas

4. A Model of Non Functional Properties for Grid Resources
David Buján-Carballal, Oscar Corcho-García, Josuka Díaz-Labrador

5. Grid Checkpointing Service
Gracjan Jankowski, Radoslaw Januszewski, Jozsef Kovacs

6. Extending GWorkflowDL: a Multi-Purpose Language for Workflow Enactment.
Simone Pellegrini, Francesco Giacomini

7. Workflow Monitoring and Analysis Tool for ASKALON
Simon Ostermann, Kassian Plankensteiner, Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, Alexandru Iosup

8. Using gLite to Implement a Secure ICGrid
Jesus Luna, Marios D Dikaiakos, Harald Gjermundrod, Michail Flouris, Manolis Marazakis, Angelos Bilas

9. Grid-Based Workflow Management
Daniel Becker, Morris Riedel, Achim Streit, Felix Wolf

10. Fault Detection, Prevention and Recovery in Current Grid Workflow Systems
Kassian Plankensteiner, Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, Attila Kertész, Péter Kacsuk

11. Towards Self-adaptable Monitoring Framework for Self-healing
Javier Alonso, Jordi Torres, Rean Griffith, Gail Kaiser, Luis Moura Silva

12. Performance Monitoring of GRID superscalar: Summing up
Wlodzimierz Funika, Piotr Machner, Marian Bubak, Rosa M. Badia, Raül Sirvent

13. Authorizing Grid Resource Access and Consumption
Michal Jankowski, Erik Elmroth, Norbert Meyer

14. Graphical Tool for the Management of DIET GridRPC Middleware.
Eddy Caron, Frederic Desprez, David Loureiro

15. An Efficient Protocol for Reserving Multiple Grid Resources in Advance.
Jörg Schneider, Julius Gehr, Barry Linnert, Thomas Röblitz

16. Scalable Concurrency Control in a Dynamic Membership
Augusto Ciuffoletti, Ali Asim

17. Improving the Peer-to-Peer Ring for Building Fault-Tolerant Grids
Boris Mejias, Donatien Grolaux, Peter Van Roy

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Processor Architectures, Computer Communication Networks

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13 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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