Subramaniam, Kathirvel

Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Aortic Surgery

Subramaniam, Kathirvel - Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Aortic Surgery, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Applied Anatomy of the Aorta
Jagan Devarajan, Balachundhar Subramaniam

2. Acute Aortic Syndrome
Cynthia M. Wells, Kathirvel Subramaniam

3. Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation Before Aortic Surgery
Kyung W. Park

4. Role of Echocardiography in Aortic Surgery
Kathirvel Subramaniam, Balachundhar Subramaniam

5. Operative Techniques in Surgery of the Proximal Thoracic Aorta and Aortic Arch
Enrique Gongora, Thomas G. Gleason

6. Anesthesia for Surgery of the Ascending Aorta and Aortic Arch
Andrew W. Murray, Kathirvel Subramaniam

7. Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Tomas Drabek, Joseph J. Quinlan

8. Cerebral Monitoring During Aortic Surgery
Parthasarathy D. Thirumala, John M. Murkin, Donald J. Crammond, Miguel Habeych, Jeffery Balzer, Kathirvel Subramaniam

9. Understanding Open Repair of the Descending Thoracic and Thoracoabdominal Aorta
Jay K. Bhama, Scott A. LeMaire, John R. Cooper, Joseph S. Coselli

10. Anesthesia for Descending Aortic Surgery
Kathirvel Subramaniam, John C. Caldwell

11. Spinal Cord Protection Strategies
John G. T. Augoustides

12. Understanding Endovascular Aortic Surgery: Endovascular Repair of Aortic Aneurysmal Disease
Richard C. Hsu, Marc Schermerhorn

13. Anesthesia for Endovascular Aortic Surgery
Adam B. Lerner

14. Anesthesia for Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Theresa A. Gelzinis, Kathirvel Subramaniam

15. Renal Protection Strategies
Mark Stafford-Smith, Chad Hughes, Andrew D. Shaw, Madhav Swaminathan

16. Comprehensive Management of Patients with Traumatic Aortic Injury
Charles E. Smith, Donn Marciniak

17. Anesthesia for Adult Congenital Aortic Surgery
Barry D. Kussman, James A. DiNardo

18. Atherosclerosis of the Aorta and Prevention of Neurological Dysfunction After Cardiac Surgery
Fellery Lange, G. Burkhard Mackensen, Madhav Swaminathan

19. Postoperative Care After Aortic Surgery
Elnazeer O. Ahmed, Davy C. Cheng

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Cardiac Surgery

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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