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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Historical Perspective
Peter Gunning

Section I.. Genes and Their Expression

2. Structure and Evolution of Tropomyosin Genes
Bernadette Vrhovski, Nadine Thézé, Pierre Thiébaud

3. Tropomyosin Exons as Models for Alternative Splicing
Clare Gooding, Christopher W. J. Smith

4. Tropomyosin Gene Expression in Vivo and in Vitro
Galina Schevzov, Geraldine O’Neill

Section II.. Protein Structure

5. Tropomyosin: Function Follows Structure
Sarah E. Hitchcock-DeGregori

6. Dimerization of Tropomyosins
Mario Gimona

Section III.. Role in Muscle Function

7. Cooperative Binding of Tropomyosin to Actin
Larry S. Tobacman

8. Tropomyosin and the Steric Mechanism of Muscle Regulation
William Lehman, Roger Craig

9. Role of Tropomyosin in the Regulation of Contraction in Smooth Muscle
Steve Marston, M. El-Mezgueldi

Section IV. Tropomyosin in Human Disease

10. Tropomyosin as a Regulator of Cancer Cell Transformation
David M. Helfman, Patrick Flynn, Protiti Khan, Ali Saeed

11. The Role of Tropomyosin in Heart Disease
David F. Wieczorek, Ganapathy Jagatheesan, Sudarsan Rajan

12. Tropomyosins in Skeletal Muscle Diseases
Anthony J. Kee, Edna C. Hardeman

13. Tropomyosins in Human Diseases: Ulcerative Colitis
Kiron M. Das, Manisha Bajpai

Section V.. Tropomyosin Directed Regulation of the Cytoskeleton

14. Tropomyosin Function in Yeast
David Pruyne

15. Isoform Sorting of Tropomyosins
Claire Martin, Peter Gunning

16. Human Tropomyosin Isoforms in the Regulation of Cytoskeleton Functions
Jim Jung-Ching Lin, Robbin D. Eppinga, Kerri S. Warren, Keith R. McCrae

Section VI.. Mechanisms of Tropomyosin Function

17. Tropomyosins Regulate the Impact of Actin Binding Proteins on Actin Filaments
Uno Lindberg, Clarence E. Schutt, Robert D. Goldman, Maria Nyåkern-Meazza, Louise Hillberg, Li-Sophie Zhao Rathje, Staffan Grenklo

18. Tropomyosin and ADF/Cofilin as Collaborators and Competitors
Thomas B. Kuhn, James R. Bamburg

19. Caldesmon and the Regulation of Cytoskeletal Functions
C. -L. Albert Wang

20. Tropomyosins as Discriminators of Myosin Function
E. Michael Ostap

21. Tropomodulin/Tropomyosin Interactions Regulate Actin Pointed End Dynamics
Alla S. Kostyukova

Section VII.. Conclusion

22. Emerging Issues for Tropomyosin Structure, Regulation, Function and Pathology
Peter Gunning

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
323 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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