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Handbook of Reflection and Reflective Inquiry

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Table of contents

1. Reflection and Reflective Inquiry: Critical Issues, Evolving Conceptualizations, Contemporary Claims and Future Possibilities
Nona Lyons

2. Reflective Inquiry: Foundational Issues – “A Deepening of Conscious Life”
Nona Lyons

3. The Role of Descriptive Inquiry in Building Presence and Civic Capacity
Carol Rodgers

4. A Critical Analysis of Reflection as a Goal for Teacher Education
Ken Zeichner, Katrina Yan Liu

5. Education for the Law: Reflective Education for the Law
Filippa Marullo Anzalone

6. Reflective Inquiry in the Medical Profession
C. Anthony Ryan

7. Occupational Therapy as a Reflective Practice
Ellen S. Cohn, Barbara A. Boyt Schell, Elizabeth Blesedell Crepaeu

8. Application of Critical Reflective Inquiry in Nursing Education
Hesook Suzie Kim, Laurie M. Lauzon Clabo, Patricia Burbank, Mary Leveillee, Diane Martins

9. Reflective Inquiry in Social Work Education
Marian Murphy, Maria Dempsey, Carmel Halton

10. Reflective Practice in the Professions: Teaching
Cheryl J. Craig

11. Critical Reflection as an Adult Learning Process
Stephen Brookfield

12. Fostering Reflective Practice in the Public Service: A Study of the Probation Service in the Republic of Ireland
Carmel Halton

13. A Child Study/Lesson Study: Developing Minds to Understand and Teach Children
Joan V. Mast, Herbert P. Ginsburg

14. Within K-12 Schools for School Reform: What Does it Take?
Michaelann Kelley, Paul D. Gray, Donna J. Reid, Cheryl J. Craig

15. Reflective Inquiry in the Round
Steve Seidel

16. Inquiry for Equity: Supporting Teacher Research
Anna E. Richert, Claire Bove

17. ”Doing as I Do“: The Role of Teacher Educator Self-Study in Educating for Reflective Inquiry
Vicki Kubler LaBoskey, Mary Lynn Hamilton

18. Professional Pedagogies and Research Practices: Teaching and Researching Reflective Inquiry Through a Medical Portfolio Process
Martina Kelly

19. Narrative Inquiry as Reflective Practice: Tensions and Possibilities
Charles Aiden Downey, D. Jean Clandinin

20. Reflection Through Collaborative Action Research and Inquiry
J. Loughran

21. Developing Transformative Curriculum Leaders Through Reflective Inquiry
Chen Ai Yen, David Ng

22. From Subject to Object: A Constructive-Developmental Approach to Reflective Practice
Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey

23. Beginnings: Inquiry Practices: How Can They Be Taught Well?
Herbert P. Ginsburg, Ann E. Cami, Michael D. Preston

24. Approaches to Portfolio Assessment of Complex Evidence of Reflection and Reflective Practice
Nona Lyons

25. Reflective Practice as Conscious Geometry: Portfolios as a Tool for Sponsoring, Scaffolding and Assessing Reflective Inquiry in Learning to Teach
Anne Rath

26. The Ethical Dimensions of Reflective Practice
Nona Lyons

27. Going to the Core: Deepening Reflection by Connecting the Person to the Profession
Fred A. J. Korthagen, Angelo Vasalos

28. A Reflective Inquiry as Participatory and Appreciative Action and Reflection
Tony Ghaye

29. Reflection and Reflective Inquiry: What Future?
Nona Lyons

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Professional & Vocational Education, Medical Education

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Upbringing, Education

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