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Plant-derived Natural Products

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Table of contents

2. Introduction to the Different Classes of Natural Products
Karin Springob, Toni M. Kutchan

3. Natural Products from Seaweeds
Efstathia Ioannou, Vassilios Roussis

4. Use of Secondary Metabolite Variation in Crop Improvement
Daniel J. Kliebenstein

5. Approaches to the Analysis of Plant-Derived Natural Products
Lionel Hill, Trevor L. Wang

6. Opportunities and Challenges for Ethnobotany at the Start of the Twenty-First Century
Monique S.J. Simmonds

7. Introduction to the Different Classes of Biosynthetic Enzymes
Luzia V. Modolo, Angelika I. Reichert, Richard A. Dixon

8. Methods for Molecular Identification of Biosynthetic Enzymes in Plants
Sarah O’Connor

9. Regulation of Secondary Metabolism by Jasmonate Hormones
Hongtao Zhang, Johan Memelink

10. Metabolite Channeling and Multi-enzyme Complexes
Brenda S.J. Winkel

11. Glycosylation of Secondary Metabolites and Xenobiotics
Fabián E. Vaistij, Eng-Kiat Lim, Robert Edwards, Dianna J. Bowles

12. Handling Dangerous Molecules: Transport and Compartmentation of Plant Natural Products
Markus Klein, Werner Roos

13. Participation of Phytochemicals in Plant Development and Growth
Lucille Pourcel, Erich Grotewold

14. Biological Activity of Defence-Related Plant Secondary Metabolites
John P. Morrissey

15. The Role of Natural Products in Plant-Microbe Interactions
Giuliano Bonanomi, Francesco Vinale, Felice Scala

16. Role of Natural Products in Nature: Plant-Insect Interactions
Ruth Gordon-Weeks, John A. Pickett

17. Oligosaccharide Signalling Molecules
Robert A. Field

18. Biological Activity of Allelochemicals
Franck E. Dayan, Stephen O. Duke

19. Health Benefits of Dietary Plant Natural Products
Maria Traka, Richard F. Mithen

20. Floral Scents and Fruit Aromas Inspired by Nature
Florence Negre-Zakharov, Michael C. Long, Natalia Dudareva

21. Bioengineering
Maxim Itkin, Asaph Aharoni

22. Genome Wide Approaches in Natural Product Research
Jürgen Ehlting, Björn Hamberger, Jean-François Ginglinger, Danièle Werck-Reichhart

23. Metabolomics and the Detection of Unintended Effects in Genetically Modified Crops
Laetitia Shintu, Gwénaëlle Gall, Ian J. Colquhoun

24. Recent Advances in Traditional Medicines and Dietary Supplements
Jeevan Prasain, Stephen Barnes

25. Plant-derived natural products as leads for drug discovery
Li Pan, Esperanza J. Carcache Blanco, A. Douglas Kinghorn

26. Speciality Non-food Crops
Adrian P. Higson, Alison Hamer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Anatomy/Development, Plant Pathology, Plant Genetics & Genomics

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Natural Sciences

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