Ho, Jeffrey D.

TASER® Conducted Electrical Weapons: Physiology, Pathology, and Law

Ho, Jeffrey D. - TASER® Conducted Electrical Weapons: Physiology, Pathology, and Law, ebook


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Table of contents

2. Conducted Electrical Weapons: A User’s Perspective
Greg Meyer

3. The Scientific History
Robert A. Stratbucker

4. Conducted Electrical Weapons and Resolution of Use-of-Force Encounters
Charlie Mesloh, Mark Henych, Ross Wolf

5. Nonlethal Weapons: The Broader Context
Peter J. Cuenca, John G. McManus

6. Transcutaneous Muscle Stimulation
James D. Sweeney

7. Current Flow in the Human Body
Dorin Panescu, Robert A. Stratbucker*

8. Animal Studies
John G. Webster

9. CEW Research Models: Animal and Human Studies
Theodore C. Chan, Gary M. Vilke

10. Cardiac Arrhythmias
Derek J. Dosdall, Raymond E. Ideker

11. Electrocardiographic Effects of the CEW
Jeffrey D. Ho

12. Serum and Skin Effects of CEW Application
Jeffrey D. Ho

13. Echocardiographic Effects of the CEW
Robert Reardon

14. Rhabdomyolysis
Ronald Moscati, Samuel Cloud

15. Effects of CEWs on Respiration
Donald M. Dawes

16. Neuroendocrine Effects of CEWs
Donald M. Dawes, Mark W. Kroll

17. Electroporation of Cardiac and Nerve Cells
Vadim V. Fedorov, Leonid Livshitz, Geran Kostecki, Igor R. Efimov

18. Eye and Head Injuries
S. Robert Witherspoon, Andreas K. Lauer, Jonathan L. Marinaro

19. CEW Effects with Illegal Stimulant Intoxication
Patrick Tchou

20. Alcohol and the CEW
Ronald Moscati, Jeffrey D. Ho

21. Conducted Electrical Weapons and Implantable Cardiac Devices
Subba Reddy Vanga, James L. Vacek, Loren Berenbom, Dhanunjaya R. Lakkireddy

22. Risk Management and the CEW
Greg Bingham

23. The New York City Experience
Michael D. White, Justin Ready

24. Impact of CEW and Other Types of Force and Resistance on Officer and Suspect Injuries
Michael R. Smith, Robert J. Kaminski, Jeffrey Rojek, Geoffrey P. Alpert, Jason Mathis

25. Field Statistics Overview
James E. Brewer, Mark W. Kroll

26. Sudden In-Custody Death
Samuel J. Stratton

27. Stimulant Abuse and Sudden Cardiac Death
Steven B. Karch

28. The Systemic Role of Illicit Drugs and Their Toxicology
Joshua Gunn, Michael A. Evans, M. Scott Kriger

29. Excited Delirium Syndrome
Vincent J. M. Maio, Theresa G. Maio

30. Biochemical Brain Markers in Excited Delirium Deaths
Deborah C. Mash

31. Sudden Unexpected Death in Custody (SUDIC)
Charles V. Wetli

32. Legal Basics for the CEW
Michael A. Brave

33. Science and Logic Meet the Law
John G. Peters

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Emergency Services, Emergency Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Law, Pathology, Cardiology

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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