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Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials

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Table of contents

1. Linking Accelerated Laboratory Test with Outdoor Performance Results for a Model Epoxy Coating System
Xiaohong Gu, Debbie Stanley, Walter E. Byrd, Brian Dickens, Iliana Vaca-Trigo, William Q. Meeker, Tinh Nguyen, Joannie W. Chin, Jonathan W. Martin

2. A Statistical Model for Linking Field and Laboratory Exposure Results for a Model Coating
Iliana Vaca-Trigo, William Q. Meeker

3. Advances in Exploring Mechanistic Variations in Thermal Aging of Polymers
M. Celina, K.T. Gillen

4. Final Report on the Subject of Accelerated Weathering: An ASTM D01.53 Ten-Year Exposure Study
D.A. Cocuzzi, G.R. Pilcher

5. An Analysis of the Effect of Irradiance on the Weathering of Polymeric Materials
Kenneth M. White, Richard M. Fischer, Warren D. Ketola

6. A New Approach to Characterizing Weathering Reciprocity in Xenon Arc Weathering Devices
Kurt P. Scott, Henry K. Hardcastle III

7. Controlled Temperature Natural Weathering
Anthony Buxton, Jon A. Graystone, Richard Holman, Francesco Macchi

8. Durability of Building Joint Sealants
Christopher C. White, Kar Tean Tan, Donald L. Hunston, R. Sam Williams

9. Evaluating Cyclic Fatigue of Sealants During Outdoor Testing
R. Sam Williams, Steve Lacher, Corey Halpin, Christopher White

10. Lifetime Predictions for Hardcoated Polycarbonate
James E. Pickett, Jonathan R. Sargent

11. Degradation of Polypropylene Filament Under Elevated Temperature and High Oxygen Pressure
Y.G. Hsuan, M. Li, Wai-Kuen Wong

12. Risk Analysis for Pipeline Assets—The Use of Models for Failure Prediction in Plastics Pipelines
Stewart Burn, Paul Davis, Scott Gould

13. Predicting the Creep Behavior of High Density Polyethylene Geogrid Using Stepped Isothermal Method
S.-S. Yeo, Y. G. Hsuan

14. Methodology Study of Qualification of Electric Wire and Cable Used in Nuclear Power Plant
Masayuki Ito

15. Innovative Measurement Methodology in Quality Assessment of Coatings
Kenneth Moller, Anna Backman, Bo Carlsson, Magnus Palm, Sahar Al-Malaika, Husam Sheena, Elizabeth Lakin, Dieter Kockott, Bernd Dawid, Wolfgang Kortmann, Karl Bechtold, Jacques Simonin, Michael Hilt, Joachim Domnick, Dirk Michels, Axel Nagel, Manfred Wunsch, Karin Hvit Wernstal

16. A New Test Method for Weatherability Prediction: Radical Shower using a Remote Plasma Reactor
Masahiko Akahori

17. Metrologies for Characterizing Optical Properties of Clear and Pigmented Coatings
Li-Piin Sung, Xiaohong Gu, Haiqing Hu, Cyril Clerici, Vincent Delaurent

18. Computer Graphic Tools for Automotive Paint Engineering
Gary W. Meyer

19. Computer Graphics Techniques for Capturing and Rendering the Appearance of Aging Materials
Holly Rushmeier

20. The Influence of Water on the Weathering of Automotive Paint Systems
Tony Misovski, Mark E. Nichols, Henry K. Hardcastle

21. Chemiluminescence Detection: Principles, Chances and Limitations for the Shortening of Weathering Tests
Volker Wachtendorf, Anja Geburtig, Peter Trubiroha

22. Enhancement of Photoprotection and Mechanical Properties of Polymers by Deposition of Thin Coatings
Agnès Rivaton, Jean-Luc Gardette, Sandrine Morlat-Therias, Bénédicte Mailhot, Eric Tomasella, Oscar Awitor, Kyriakos Komvopoulos, Paola Fabbri

23. A Critical Assessment of Techniques for Monitoring Polymer Photodegradation
Jim R. White

24. Polymer Films in Photovoltaic Modules: Analysis and Modeling of Permeation Processes
Michael Köhl, Odón Angeles-Palacios, Daniel Philipp, Karl-Anders Wei?

25. 3-D Characterization of Multi-Layered Automotive Coating Systems: Stage-1 Analytical Toolbox for Surfaces, Interfaces, and Depth Profiles
Karlis Adamsons

26. Development and Deployment of a High Throughput Exterior Durability Program for Architectural Paint Coatings
Edward A. Schmitt

27. Comparing Transport Properties of Coatings Using High Throughput Methods
B. Hinderliter, V. Bonitz, K. Allahar, G. Bierwagen, S. Croll

28. A High Throughput System for Accelerated Weathering and Automated Characterization of Polymeric Materials
Joannie Chin, Eric Byrd, Brian Dickens, Robert Clemenzi, Rusty Hettenhouser, Art Ellison, Jason Garver, Debbie Stanley, Vincent Colomb, Jonathan Martin

29. Investigating Pigment Photoreactivity for Coatings Applications: Methods Development
Stephanie S. Watson, I-Hsiang Tseng, Amanda Forster, Joannie Chin, Li-Piin Sung

30. A Quantitative Model for Weathering-induced Mass Loss in Thermoplastic Paints
Kurt A. Wood, Ségolène Robien

31. Effect of Pigment Dispersion on Durability of a TiO2 Pigmented Epoxy Coating During Outdoor Exposure
Cyril Clerici, Xiaohong Gu, Li-Piin Sung, Aaron M. Forster, Derek L. Ho, Paul Stutzman, Tinh Nguyen, Jonathan W. Martin

32. Effect of the Environmental Stress and Polymer Microenvironment on Efficiency Trials and Fate of Stabilizers
J. Pospíšil, S. Nešpurek, J. Pilar

33. Implementing What We Have Learned
F. Louis Floyd

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

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