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Table of contents

1. Part 1: Neural networks and applications

2. Handwriting Knowledge Based on Parameterization for Writer Identification
Carlos F. Romero, Carlos M. Travieso, Miguel A. Ferrer, Jesús B. Alonso

3. Identification Surfaces Family
Virgil Teodor, Alexandru Epureanu, Ciprian Cuzmin

4. Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Tobacco Control
Sonja Petrovic-Lazarevic, Jian Ying Zhang

5. PNN for Molecular Level Selection Detection
Krzysztof A. Cyran

6. Fine-Tune Artificial Neural Networks Automatically
Francisco Reinaldo, Rui Camacho, Luís P. Reis, Demétrio Renó Magalhães

7. A Neurofuzzy Network for Supporting Detection of Diabetic Symptoms
Leonarda Carnimeo

8. Empirical Assessment of LR- and ANN-Based Fault Prediction Techniques
Bindu Goel, Yogesh Singh

2. Part 2: Advances in image processing

9. A New Scheme of Image Watermarking
Chokri Chemak, Jean Christophe Lapayre, Mohamed Salim Bouhlel

10. Diffusing Vector Field of Gray-Scale Images for Image Segmentation
X. D. Zhuang, N. E. Mastorakis

11. Image Processing via Synchronization in a Self-Organizing Oscillatory Network
Eugene Grichuk, Margarita Kuzmina, Eduard Manykin

12. Feature Based Color Stereo Matching Algorithm Using Restricted Search
Hajar Sadeghi, Payman Moallem, S. Amirhassan Monadjemi

13. A Novel Edge-Preserving Lossy Image Coder
Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas, Manuel Jesús Nandayapa Alfaro, Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sánchez

3. Part 3: Modelling and simulation

14. Equivalent Circuit Extraction for Passive Devices
Yi-Ting Kuo, Hsueh-Yung (Robert) Chao, Yiming Li

15. Sleep Quality Differences According to a Statistical Continuous Sleep Model
A. G. Ravelo-García, F.D. Lorenzo-García, J.L. Navarro-Mesa

16. Simulation Modeling in Support of a European Airspace Study
John Morris, John James, James DeArmon, Kelly Connolly, Paula Mahoney

17. 3D Measurement System for Car Deformation Analysis
András Rövid, Takeshi Hashimoto, Péter Várlaki

18. Adaptive MV ARMA Identification Under the Presence of Noise
Stylianos Sp. Pappas, Vassilios C. Moussas, Sokratis K. Katsikas

19. Planck’s Law Simulation Using Particle Systems
Douglas Farias Cordeiro, Marcos Aurélio Batista, Celia A. Zorzo Barcelos

20. Simulation Results Using Shock Absorbers with Primary Intelligence—VZN
Adrian-Ioan Niculescu, Tudor Sireteanu, Daniel Dumitriu

21. Pattern Generation via Computer
Tatsuo Suzuki, Yasumichi Hasegawa

22. 3D Reconstruction: Estimating Depth of Hole from 2D Camera Perspectives
Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem, Shaiq A. Haq, Farhat Saleemi, Huma Tauseef

23. Modeling Diversity in Recovery Computer Systems
George Popov, Valeri Mladenov

24. Cell Automata Models for a Reaction-Diffusion System
Costin-Radu Boldea, Afrodita Balasa Boldea

25. 3D Reconstruction of Solid Models from 2D Camera Perspectives
Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem

26. DiProNN: VM-Based Distributed Programmable Network Node Architecture
Tomáš Rebok

27. A Semantics of Behavioural Concepts for Open Virtual Enterprises
Mohamed Bouhdadi, Youssef Balouki

28. A Semantics of Community Related Concepts in ODP Enterprise Language
Mohamed Bouhdadi, Youssef Balouki

29. Modeling of the Speech Process Including Anatomical Structure of the Vocal Tract
Zygmunt Ciota

30. Carbon Nanotube FET with Asymmetrical Contacts
Alireza Kargar, Zoheir Kordrostami, Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi

31. Optimizing Prosthesis Design by Using Virtual Environments
Adrian Zafiu, Monica Dascălu, Eduard Franti, Annely-Mihaela Zafiu

4. Part 4: Multi-agent systems

32. A Maude-Based Tool for Simulating DIMA Model
Noura Boudiaf, Lakhdar Sahbi

33. Using Two-Level Morphology to Recognize Derived Agentive Nouns
Arbana Kadriu

34. Towards an Agent Framework to Support Distributed Problem Solving
G.A. Mallah, Z.A. Shaikh, N.A. Shaikh

35. Building Moderately Open Multi-Agent Systems: The HABA Process
A. Garcés, R. Quirós, M. Chover, J. Huerta, E. Camahort

5. Part 5: Educational software and e-Learning systems

36. Using Mathematics for Data Traffic Modeling Within an E-Learning Platform
Marian Cristian Mihăescu

37. Developing Statistics Learning at a Distance Using Formal Discussions
Jamie D. Mills

38. Distance Teaching in the Technology Course in Senior High School
Shi-Jer Lou, Tzai-Hung Huang, Chia-Hung Yen, Mei-Huang Huang, Yi-Hui Lui

39. Electronic Exams for the 21st Century
Antonios S. Andreatos

40. Effects of the Orff Music Teaching Method on Creative Thinking Abilities
Rong - Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, C. Ray Diez, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Tien-Sheng Tsai

41. Knowledge Application for Preparing Engineering High School Teachers
Kuo-Hung Tseng, Ming-Chang Wu, See-Chien Hou

42. Collaborative Online Network and Cultural Exchange Project
Rong-Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, C. Ray Diez, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Tien-Sheng Tsai

43. A Study of the Project on Mobile Devices in Education
Rong-Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Chung-Ping Lee, Pofen Wang

44. The Solutions of Mobile Technology for Primary School
Rong-Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, C. Ray Diez, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Tien-Sheng Tsai

45. A Study of Verifying Knowledge Reuse Path Using SEM
Hung-Jen Yang, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Jui-Chen Yu

46. A Web-Based System for Distance Learning of Programming
V. N. Kasyanov, E. V. Kasyanova

47. New Software for the Study of the Classic Surfaces from Differential Geometry
Anca Iordan, George Savii, Manuela Pănoiu, Caius Pănoiu

48. Data Requirements for Detecting Student Learning Style in an AEHS
Elvira Popescu, Philippe Trigano, Mircea Preda

49. Ontology-Based Feedback E-Learning System for Mobile Computing
Ahmed Sameh

6. Part 6: Information communication technologies

50. Potentiality of Information Technology Systems
Emmanouil Zoulias, Stavroula Kourtesi, Lambros Ekonomou, Angelos Nakulas, Georgios P. Fotis

51. A Review of Techniques to Counter Spam and Spit
Angelos Nakulas, Lambros Ekonomou, Stavroula Kourtesi, Georgios P. Fotis, Emmanouil Zoulias

52. Sequential Algorithms for Max-Min Fair Bandwidth Allocation
Włodzimierz Ogryczak, Tomasz Śliwiński

53. A Temporal Variation in Indoor Environment
A. Jraifi, E. H Saidi, A. El Khafaji, J. El Abbadi

54. Workflow Management for Cross-Media Publishing
Andreas Veglis, Andreas Pomportsis

55. A Bayesian Approach to Improve the Performance of P2P Networks
Bertalan Forstner, Hassan Charaf

56. Deploying BitTorrent in Mobile Environments
Imre Kelényi, Bertalan Forstner

57. Numerical Simulation for the Hopf Bifurcation in TCP Systems
Gabriela Mircea, Mihaela Muntean

58. Communications by Vector Manifolds
Guennadi Kouzaev

59. A Computation Study in Mesh Networks by Scheduling Problems
G.E. Rizos, D.C. Vasiliadis, E. Stergiou, E. Glavas

60. Serially Concatenated RS Codes with ST Turbo Codes Over Ring
P. Remlein, R. Orzechowski

61. Network Performance Monitoring and Utilization Measurement
Goran Martinovic, Drago Zagar, Drazen Tomic

62. Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detection Based on Affine Projection Algorithm
Amin Khansefid, Ali Olfat

63. Multiple Base Station Positioning for Sensor Applications
M. Amac Guvensan, Z. Cihan Taysi, A. Gokhan Yavuz

64. Considerations for the Design of a General Purpose Wireless Sensor Node
Z. Cihan Taysi, A. Gokhan Yavuz

65. Performance Comparison and Improvement of Wireless Network Protocols
G. E. Rizos, D.C. Vasiliadis, E. Stergiou

66. Modeling the Erroneous Behaviour of a Sequential Memory Component with Streams
Walter Dosch

67. FPGA Implementation of PPM I-UWB Baseband Transceiver
K.S. Mohammed

68. WSN-Based Audio Surveillance Systems
R. Alesii, G. Gargano, F. Graziosi, L. Pomante, C. Rinaldi

69. Smart Antenna Design Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
I.O. Vardiambasis, N. Tzioumakis, T. Melesanaki

7. Part 7: Computer applications in modern medicine

70. Intention to Adopt the E-Health Services System in a Bureau of Health
Hsieh-Hua Yang, Jui-Chen Yu, Hung-Jen Yang, Wen-Hui Han

71. Visualization and Clustering of DNA Sequences
Krista Rizman Žalik

72. E-Health Service in Taiwan—The Role of Organizational Innovativeness
Hsieh-Hua Yang, Jui-Chen Yu, Hung-Jen Yang

73. Analysis of Heart Sounds with Wavelet Entropy
S. Bunluechokchai, P. Tosaranon

74. Detection of Mitral Regurgitation and Normal Heart Sounds
S. Bunluechokchai, W. Ussawawongaraya

75. Wavelet Entropy Detection of Heart Sounds
T. Leeudomwong, P. Woraratsoontorn

76. Continuous Wavelet Transform Analysis of Heart Sounds
P. Woraratsoontorn, T. Leeudomwong

77. Limitations of Lung Segmentation Techniques
Nisar Ahmed Memon, Anwar Majid Mirza, S.A.M. Gilani

78. Segmentation of Anatomical Structures Using Volume Definition Tools
S. Zimeras, G. Karangelis

79. Shape Analysis of Heart Rate Lorenz Plots
France Sevšek

80. Human Readable Rule Induction in Medical Data Mining
Nor Ridzuan Daud, David Wolfe Corne

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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24 pages
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