Haydon, Philip G.

Astrocytes in (Patho)Physiology of the Nervous System

Haydon, Philip G. - Astrocytes in (Patho)Physiology of the Nervous System, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Astrocyte Heterogeneity or Homogeneity?
Harold K. Kimelberg

2. Neural Stem Cells Disguised as Astrocytes
Rebecca A. Ihrie, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

3. Neurotransmitter Receptors in Astrocytes
Alexei Verkhratsky

4. Specialized Neurotransmitter Transporters in Astrocytes
Yongjie Yang, Jeffrey D. Rothstein

5. Connexin Expression (Gap Junctions and Hemichannels) in Astrocytes
Eliana Scemes, David C. Spray

6. Regulation of Potassium by Glial Cells in the Central Nervous System
Paulo Kofuji, Eric A. Newman

7. Energy and Amino Acid Neurotransmitter Metabolism in Astrocytes
Helle S. Waagepetersen, Ursula Sonnewald, Arne Schousboe

8. Calcium Ion Signaling in Astrocytes
Joachim W. Deitmer, Karthika Singaravelu, Christian Lohr

9. Astrocytes in Control of the Biophysical Properties of the Extracellular Space
Lydia Vargova, Eva Sykova

10. Structural Association of Astrocytes with Neurons and Vasculature: Defining Territorial Boundaries
Andreas Reichenbach, Hartwig Wolburg

11. Synaptic Information Processing by Astrocytes
Gertrudis Perea, Alfonso Araque

12. Mechanisms of Transmitter Release from Astrocytes
Erik B. Malarkey, Vladimir Parpura

13. Release of Trophic Factors and Immune Molecules from Astrocytes
Ying Y. Jean, Issa P. Bagayogo, Cheryl F. Dreyfus

14. Molecular Approaches for Studying Astrocytes
Todd Fiacco, Kristi Casper, Elizabeth Sweger, Cendra Agulhon, Sarah Taves, Suzanne Kurtzer-Minton, Ken D. McCarthy

15. The Tripartite Synapse
Michael M. Halassa, Philip G. Haydon

16. Glia-Derived d-Serine and Synaptic Plasticity
Magalie Martineau, Stéphane H. R. Oliet, Jean-Pierre Mothet

17. Purinergic Signaling in Astrocyte function and Interactions with Neurons
R. Douglas Fields

18. Astrocyte Control of Blood Flow
Grant R. J. Gordon, Sean J. Mulligan, Brian A. MacVicar

19. A Role for Glial Cells of the Neuroendocrine Brain in the Central Control of Female Sexual Development
Alejandro Lomniczi, Sergio R. Ojeda

20. Physiological and Pathological Roles of Astrocyte-mediated Neuronal Synchrony
Giorgio Carmignoto, Micaela Zonta

21. Role of Ion Channels and Amino-Acid Transporters in the Biology of Astrocytic Tumors
Harald Sontheimer

22. Connexins and Pannexins: Two Gap Junction Families Mediating Glioma Growth Control
Charles P. K. Lai, Christian C. Naus

23. The Impact of Astrocyte Mitochondrial Metabolism on Neuroprotection During Aging
Lora T. Watts, James D. Lechleiter

24. Alexander Disease: A Genetic Disorder of Astrocytes
Michael Brenner, James E. Goldman, Roy A. Quinlan, Albee Messing

25. Role of Astrocytes in Epilepsy
Devin K. Binder, Christian Steinhäuser

26. Hepatic Encephalopathy: A Primary Astrocytopathy
Roger F. Butterworth

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Neurobiology, Cell Biology

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