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Pediatric Neuropsychology Case Studies

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Table of contents

I. Dangers of Childhood: Neurological Disorders

1. Beating the Odds: Prematurity and Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus
Jennifer I. Koop

2. Never, Ever Shake a Baby: Pass It On
Amy K. Heffelfinger

3. Grand Larceny in the First Grade: Traumatic Brain Injury in the School-Aged Years
Jonathan E. Romain

4. A Slippery Descent: Adolescent Traumatic Brain Injury
Peter L. Stavinoha

5. Steamrolled: Sports-Related Concussions
Michael Sharland, Thomas A. Hammeke

6. Bad Signs: Sickle-Cell Disease and Stroke
Kimberly Rennie Weissgerber, Amanda Epping

7. Life Interrupted: Medulloblastoma
Peter L. Stavinoha

8. The Mystery of the Falling Grades: Seizure Disorder
Lynn Bennett Blackburn

9. When Half a Brain is Better than One: Recurrent Seizures
Lynn Bennett Blackburn

10. Pathological Left-Handedness: Stroke and Seizures
Elizabeth N. Adams

11. Moving Forward: Psychotherapy with a Youth After Brain Injury
Mary C. Kaven

12. Family Matters: Psychosocial Factors on Neuropsychological Outcome
Grace W. Fong

13. Dog Attack: Physical Trauma with Associated Brain Injury
Jennifer Niskala Apps

14. Back to Life: Anoxic Brain Damage in a Near Drowning
John M. Oestreicher

II. How It Can All Go Wrong: Developmental Disorders

15. The Energizer Bunny Meets Shirley Temple: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Combined Type
Michael J. Zaccariello

16. “He is not Working up to Potential”: Atypical Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Executive Weaknesses
Jennifer Niskala Apps, Dawn Pflugradt

17. Sorting Sounds: Reading Disability with Phonological Awareness Deficit
Robert F. Newby

18. Well Compensated But Never Quite Solved: Lingering Dyslexia
Robert F. Newby

19. Emily Confronts Her Fiercest Bear: Word Reading Disorder with Naming Speed and Phonological Deficits
Molly Darke Shiffler

20. A Tale of Two Assessments: Reading Fluency
Kara Lindstedt, Michael J. Zaccariello

21. Lost in Space: Nonverbal Learning Disability
Richard J. Clark

22. Beyond Diagnosis: Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment of Moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder
Christopher P. Wiebusch

23. When Quirks and Quick Learning Create a Quandary: Mild Autism
Elizabeth N. Adams

24. On Eggshells: Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
Jennifer Niskala Apps, Dawn Pflugradt

25. It Helps to Know Genetic Basis: Williams Syndrome as an Example of Cognitive Disability
Bonita P. Klein-Tasman, Frank J. Gallo, Kristin D. Phillips, Kathi M. Fine

26. Mixed Bag: Tics, Compulsions, and More
Kenneth L. Grizzle

III. Things that Go Bump in the Night: Interesting Questions and Controversies for Our Field

27. A “Sensational” Way to Understand and Serve Children: Illustration of a Sensory Processing Model
Winnie Dunn

28. Sense and Sensibility: Relating Behavior Control Issues with Self-Regulation of Sensory Input
Robert F. Newby, Winnie Dunn

29. Elusive, Inclusive, or Conclusive? (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder
Susan Oliff Carneol

30. A Little of This, A Little of That: (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder
Lisa R. Cox

31. A Hunt for the Elusive Neuropsychological Impairment: Conversion Disorder
Michael J. Zaccariello

32. A Mystery of Perplexing Symptoms: Neuropsychological Assessment in a Case of Dysautonomia
Robert F. Newby, Safwan S. Jaradeh

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