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African Landscapes

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Table of contents

1. Arid Landscapes: Detection and Reconstruction - Perspectives from Earth Sciences and Archaeology

2. Landscape in Geography and Landscape Ecology, Landscape Specification and Classification in Geomorphology
Olaf Bubenzer

3. Towards a Reconstruction of Land Use Potential
Andreas Bolten, Olaf Bubenzer, Frank Darius, Karin Kindermann

4. Landscape Ecology of Savannas
Anja Linstädter

5. Quantitative Classification of Landscapes in Northern Namibia Using an ASTER Digital Elevation Model
Gunter Menz, Jochen Richters

6. Risks and Resources in an Arid Landscape
Heiko Riemer

7. Resources, Use Potential and Basic Needs
Tilman Lenssen-Erz, Jörg Linstädter

2. State, Power and Control in Africa’s Arid Landscapes: Perspectives from the Historical Sciences

8. The ‘Landscapes’ of Ancient Egypt
Michael Herb, Philippe Derchain

9. A Land of Goshen
Patricia Hayes

10. From the Old Location to Bishops Hill The Politics of Urban Planning and Landscape History in Windhoek, Namibia
Jan-Bart Gewald

11. Landscape and Nostalgia
Inge Brinkman

3. Identity, Memory and Power in Africa’s Arid Landscapes: Perspectives from Social and Cultural Anthropology

12. The Anthropological Study of Landscape
Martin Rössler

13. Kinship, Ritual and Landscape among the Himba of Northwest Namibia
Michael Bollig

14. The Spectator’s and the Dweller’s Perspectives
Ute Dieckmann

15. Is this a Drought or is this a Drought and what is really Beautiful? Different Conceptualizations of the !Khuiseb Catchment (Central Namibia) and their Consequences
Nina Gruntkowski

16. Where Settlements and the Landscape Merge
Thomas Widlok

4. Language and the Conceptualisation and Epistemics of African Arid Landscapes: Perspectives from Linguistics and Oral History

17. Two Ways of Conceptualizing Natural Landscapes
Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig

18. Landscape Conceptualisation in Mbukushu
Birte Kathage

19. Otjiherero Praises of Places
J.U. Kavari, Laura E Bleckmann

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Environment, general, Regional and Cultural Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology

Publication year
Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation
Page amount
60 pages

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