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Grid Middleware and Services

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Table of contents

I.Resource Management and Scheduling

1. Grid Scheduling with ATOP-Grid under Time Sharing
Xijie Zeng, Jiaying Shi, Xiaorong Cao, Angela C. Sodan

2. Benchmarking Grid Applications
Farrukh Nadeem, Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, Alexandru Iosup

3. Data Model for Describing Grid Resource Broker Capabilities
Attila Kertész, Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim

4. Meta-Broker for Future Generation Grids: A New Approach for a High-Level Interoperable Resource Management
Attila Kertész, Péter Kacsuk

5. Managing Scheduling and Replication in the LHC Grid
Thomas Ferrandiz, Vania Marangozova

6. Network Monitoring Session Description
Augusto Ciuffoletti, Antonis Papadogiannakis, Michalis Polychronakis

7. Sub-contracts: Delegating Contracts for Resource Discovery
Javier Bustos-Jimenez, Cristian Varas, Jose Piquer

8. Looking for an Evolution of Grid Scheduling: Meta-Brokering
Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim, Julita Corbalan, L. L. Fong, Y. G. Liu, S. M. Sadjadi

9. Preemption and Share Control in Parallel Grid Job Scheduling
Bryan Esbaugh, Angela C. Sodan

10. The Grid Backfilling: a Multi-Site Scheduling Architecture with Data Mining Prediction Techniques
Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim, Julita Corbalan, A. Goyeneche

II.Storage and Data Management

11. Cache-Enabled Super-Peer Overlays for Multiple Job Submission on Grids
Pasquale Cozza, Domenico Talia, Carlo Mastroianni, Ian Kelley, Ian Taylor

12. An Analysis of Security Services in Grid Storage Systems
Jesus Luna, Michail D. Flouris, Manolis Marazakis, Angelos Bilas, Federico Stagni, Alberto Forti, Antonia Ghiselli, Luca Magnoni, Riccardo Zappi

13. Analysis of Grid Storage Element Architectures: High-end Fiber-Channel vs. Emerging Cluster-based Networked Storage
Maciej Brzezniak, Norbert Meyer, Michail D. Flouris, Renaud Lachaiz, Angelos Bilas

14. Towards Uniform and Transparent Access to the Grid Information Using the Palantir
Ivan Rodero, Francesc Guim, Julita Corbalan

15. Peer-to-Peer Metadata Management for Knowledge Discovery Applications in Grids
Gabriel Antoniu, Antonio Congiusta, Sébastien Monnet, Domenico Talia, Paolo Trunfio

III.Grid Workflow and Fault Tolerance

16. Taxonomies of the Multi-Criteria Grid Workflow Scheduling Problem
Marek Wieczorek, Andreas Hoheisel, Radu Prodan

17. Real-World Workflow Support in the ASKALON Grid Environment
Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, Farrukh Nadeem, Marek Wieczorek

18. A Practical Approach for a Workflow Management System
Simone Pellegrini, Francesco Giacomini, Antonia Ghiselli

19. Secure and Fault Tolerant Distributed Framework with Mobility Support
Lukáš Hejtmánek

20. Improvement on Fault-Tolerance and Migration Facilities within the Grid Computing Environment - Integration With The Low-Level Checkpointing Packages
Gracjan Jankowski, Radoslaw Januszewski, Rafal Mikolajczak, Jozsef Kovacs

21. Towards Automated Diagnosis of Application Faults using Wrapper Services and Machine Learning
Juergen Hofer, Thomas Fahringer

IV.Service Level Agreement

22. Using SLA for Resource Management and Scheduling - A Survey
Philipp Wieder, Jan Seidel, Oliver Wäldrich, Wolfgang Ziegler, Ramin Yahyapour

23. Managing Violations in Service Level Agreements
Omer F. Rana, Martijn Warnier, Thomas B. Quillinan, Frances Brazier, Dana Cojocarasu

24. Operating Virtual Organizations using Bipartite Service Level Agreements
Hubert Hérenger, René Heek, Roland Kübert, Mike Surridge

25. Managing User Expectations with Component Performance Contracts
Massimo Coppola, Domenico Laforenza, Nicola Tonellotto, Marco Danelutto, Marco Vanneschi, Corrado Zoccolo

26. Service Level Agreements in Catallaxy-Based Grid Markets
Liviu Joita, Omer F. Rana, Isaac Chao, Pablo Chacin, Felix Freitag, Leandro Navarro, Oscar Ardaiz

27. Improving Business Opportunities of Financial Service Providers through Service Level Agreements
Henning Mersch, Philipp Wieder, Bastian Koller, Gerard Murphy, Ron Perrot, Paul Donachy, Ali Anjomshoaa

28. Implementing WS-Agreement in a Globus Toolkit 4.0 Environment
Dominic Battré, Odej Kao, Kerstin Voss


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