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Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Standards

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Table of contents

I. System, Implementation, Compatibility and Comparison of Multiple Standards

1. Fundamentals of DVB-H Broadcasting Transmission and Reception
Wout Joseph, Luc Martens

2. Digital Video Broadcast: Systems and Implementations
Yue Zhang, Kok-Keong Loo, John Cosmas, Yong-Hua Song

3. Digital Audio/Video Broadcasting and Digital Implementation of Analog TV
Daniel Iancu, Hua Ye, Joon-Hwa Chun, John Glossner, Andrei Iancu, Mayan Moudgille

4. Video Streaming over DVB-H
Mehdi Rezaei

5. Overview of Mobile TV Standards and their CMOS Tuners
Vassiliou Iason, Haralabidis Nikos, Vavelidis Kostis

6. Multimedia Broadcasting and Communications with WiMAX and Implementation for Its Downlink Physical Layer
Daniel Iancu, Joon-Hwa Chun, Hua Ye, Murugappan Senthilvelan, John Glossner, Mayan Moudgill

7. MediaFLO Technology: FLO Air Interface Overview
Qiang Gao, Murali Chari, An Chen, Fuyun Ling, Kent Walker

II. Baseband Processing in Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting

8. DVB-H Link Layer
Onno Eerenberg, Arie Koppelaar, Peter H. N. With

9. Transport and Time-Slicing Mechanisms in Multistandards for Mobile Broadcasting
Georgios Gardikis

10. Basic Modulation Schemes in Digital Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Systems
Qinghua Han, Chan Ho Ham

11. Error Control for Broadcasting and Multicasting: An Overview
Ivan V. Bajic

12. Convolutional, Turbo, and Turbo-Like Codes for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting: Theory and Applications
Fred Daneshgaran, Massimiliano Laddomada, Marina Mondin

13. ASIC Design for Broadcasting Baseband Processing: Practices and Architectures
Peijun Shan

III. Video Coding in Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting

14. Objective and Subjective Assessment Methods of Video Quality in Multimedia Broadcasting
Harilaos G. Koumaras

15. Video Coding Using the H.264/AVC Standard
Kun-Bin Lee

16. H.264/AVC Error Concealment for DVB-H Video Transmission
Susanna Spinsante, Ennio Gambi, Damiano Falcone

17. AVS-M: Mobile Video Standard
Liang Fan

18. Design and Implementation of H.264/AVC Decoder
Kun-Bin Lee

IV. Audio Processing in Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting

19. Audio Coding and Classification: Principles and Algorithms
Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sridhar Krishnan

20. DRA Audio Coding Standard: An Overview
Yu-Li You, Wenhua Ma

21. Audio Coding Standard Overview: MPEG4-AAC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC V2
Yujie Gao

22. Spatial Audio Coding and MPEG Surround
Christof Faller

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