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Real World Ecology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction – Unprecedented Challenges in Ecological Research: Past and Present
ShiLi Miao, Susan Carstenn, Martha Nungesser

2. Structural Equation Modeling and Ecological Experiments
James B. Grace, Andrew Youngblood, Samule M. Scheiner

3. Approaches to Predicting Broad-Scale Regime Shifts Using Changing Pattern-Process Relationships Across Scales
Debra P.C. Peters, Brandon T. Bestelmeyer, Alan K. Knapp, Jeffrey E. Herrick, H. Curtis Monger, Kris M. Havstad

4. Integrating Multiple Spatial Controls and Temporal Sampling Schemes To Explore Short- and Long-Term Ecosystem Response to Fire in an Everglades Wetland
ShiLi Miao, Susan Carstenn, Cassondra Thomas, Chris Edelstein, Erik Sindhøj, Binhe Gu

5. Bayesian Hierarchical/Multilevel Models for Inference and Prediction Using Cross-System Lake Data
Craig A. Stow, E. Conrad Lamon, Song S. Qian, Patricia A. Soranno, Kenneth H. Reckhow

6. Avian Spatial Responses to Forest Spatial Heterogeneity at the Landscape Level: Conceptual and Statistical Challenges
Marie-Jose´e Fortin, Stephanie J. Melles

7. The Role of Paleoecology in Whole-Ecosystem Science
Suzanne McGowan, Peter R. Leavitt

8. A Spatially Explicit, Mass-Balance Analysis of Watershed-Scale Controls on Lake Chemistry
Charles D. Canham, Michael L. Pace

9. Forecasting and Assessing the Large-Scale and Long-Term Impacts of Global Environmental Change on Terrestrial Ecosystems in the United States and China
Hanqin Tian, Xiaofeng Xu, Chi Zhang, Wei Ren, Guangsheng Chen, Mingliang Liu, Dengsheng Lu, Shufen Pan

10. Gradual Global Environmental Change in the Real World and Step Manipulative Experiments in Laboratory and Field: The Necessity of Inverse Analysis
Yiqi Luo, Dafeng Hui

11. Ecology in the Real World: How Might We Progress?
James B. Grace, Susan Carstenn, ShiLi Miao, Erik Sindhøj

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Natural Sciences

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