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Ultra-Wideband, Short Pulse Electromagnetics 9

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Table of contents

1. Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Flows of Turbulent Plasma Inhomogeneities
V. Spitsyn, I. Fedotov

2. Ultra-wideband Propagation Loss Around a Human Body in Various Surrounding Environments
H. Yamamoto, T. Kobayashi

3. Optimizing the Positioning of MIMO and SISO Systems in Indoor Environments
P. Bechet, I. Bouleanu, A. Neagu, R. Helbet, A. Hangan

4. Analysis of Ultra-wideband Impulse Radio Over Multimode Fiber Ranging System
J. George, D. Thelen, A. Chamarti, A. Ng’oma, M. Sauer

5. Time Domain Transition Zone Diffraction on Convex Obstacles
P. Górniak, W. Bandurski

6. Benchmark Problems for Coupling and Scattering with Cavities of General Form
P.D. Smith, E.D. Vinogradova, S.B. Panin, Y.A. Tuchkin, S.V. Vinogradov

7. Accurate Modelling of Ultra-short Electromagnetic Pulse Scattering Using a Locally Conformal Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scheme
D. Caratelli, R. Cicchetti, M. Simeoni, A. Yarovoy

8. Rigorous Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Large Dense Systems of Discrete Scatterers
E.H. Bleszynski, M.K. Bleszynski, T. Jaroszewicz

9. A Hybrid Method for Solving 2-D Inverse Scattering Problems
A. Semnani, M. Kamyab

10. Time-Reversal-Based Signal Processing Techniques for Ultra-wideband Electromagnetic Imaging
M.E. Yavuz, F.L. Teixeira

11. Imaging of Distributed Objects in UWB Sensor Networks
R. Zetik, R.S. Thomä

12. Advanced Imaging by Space–Time Deconvolution in Array GPR
T.G. Savelyev, N.T. Tol, A.G. Yarovoy, L.P. Ligthart

13. Time-Domain Characterization of Asymptotic Conical Monopole
Dhiraj Kumar Singh, Devendra Chandra Pande

14. A TDFEM-Employed Temporal Second-Order Lagrange Interpolation for Three-Dimensional EM Radiation Problems
X. Wu, L. Zhou

15. TLM Simulation of Wave Envelopes Using Dynamic Phasors
D.W.P. Thomas, J.D. Paul, C. Christopoulos

16. Analysis of Anisotropic Microwave Circuits with Several Metallized Interfaces
C. Boularak, M.L. Tounsi, A. Khodja, R. Touhami, M.C.E. Yagoub

17. A Novel High-Miniaturized Semi-fractal Branch-Line Coupler Using Loaded Coupled Transmission Lines
M. Nosrati, M.S. Fealy

18. New Coplanar Low-Pass Defected Ground Structure (DGS) Filter
A. Batmanov, A. Boutejdar, A. Balalem, A. Omar, E. Burte

19. Bandwidth Enhancement and Further Size Reduction of a Class of Miniaturized Elliptic-Function Low-Pass Filter
M. Nosrati, S. Abbaspour, A. Najafi

20. A Miniature 3.1GHz Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Suppression of Spurious Harmonics Using Multilayer Technique and Defected Ground Structure Open-Loop Ring
A. Boutejdar, A. Batmanov, A. Omar, E. Burte

21. Modeling Broadband Antennas for Hot Electron Bolometers at Terahertz Frequencies
I. Türer, X. Gaztelu, N. Ribière-Tharaud, A.F. Dégardin, A.J. Kreisler

22. Investigation on the Phase Center of Ultra-wideband Monopole Antennas with Band-Stop Functions
A. Mohamed, L. Shafai

23. Improvements to the Time-Domain Response of the Double-Ridged Horn
J.S. McLean, R. Sutton

24. The Folded Horn Antenna
E.G. Farr, L.H. Bowen, C.E. Baum, W.D. Prather

25. Numerical Analysis of Small Slotted Ultra-wideband Antenna Based on Current Distribution for Bandwidth Enhancement
Y.R. Naumar, T.A. Rahman, R. Ngah, P.S. Hall

26. Design and Experiment of an Ultra-wideband Dual-Pulse Radiating Antenna
Z. Sitao, L. Guozhi, Y. Chaolong, S. Xiaoxin, F. Yajun, S. Lei, X. Wenfeng, Z. Yufeng

27. A Novel UWB Planar Antenna with Notch Cut for Wireless Communications
A. Alshehri, A.R. Sebak

28. Ultra-wideband 4 × 4 Phased Array Containing Exponentially Tapered Slot Antennas and a True-Time Delay Phase Shifter at UHF
J. Schmitz, M. Jung, J. Bonney, R. Caspary, J. Schüür, J. Schöbel

29. Planar Elliptical Differential Antenna for UWB Applications
G. Quintero, J.F. Zürcher, A.K. Skrivervik

30. Array Antenna for Directed Radiation of High-Power Ultra-wideband Pulses
V.I. Koshelev, V.V. Plisko, K.N. Sukhushin

31. Ultra-wideband Active Receiving Array Antenna with Dual Polarization
V.I. Koshelev, E.V. Balzovsky, Yu. I. Buyanov

32. Modeling of Broadband Antennas for Room Temperature Terahertz Detectors
Alexander Scheuring, Ibrahim Türer, Nicolas Ribière-Tharaud, Annick F. Dégardin, Alain J. Kreisler

33. 100 THz Broadband High-Power Antennas – Results of Modeling and Antennas Future Applications
A. Podgorski, W. Prather, S. Yakura, J. MacGillivray

34. Traveling-Wave Switches and Marx Generators
C.E. Baum

35. High-Voltage and High-PRF FID Pulse Generators
V.M. Efanov, M.V. Efanov, A.V. Komashko, A.V. Kriklenko, P.M. Yarin, S.V. Zazoulin

36. Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Directional Wideband Electromagnetic Pulse Photoemission Generator
P.V. Petrov, V.I. Afonin, D.O. Zamuraev, E.V. Zavolokov, N.V. Kupyrin, Yu. N. Lazarev, Yu.O. Romanov, Yu.G. Syrtsova, I.A. Sorokin, A.S. Tischenko, G.I. Brukhnevich, N.P. Voronkova, L.Z. Pekarskaya, V.S. Belolipetskiy

37. The GIMLI: A Compact High-Power UWB Radiation Source
P. Delmote, B. Martin

38. Classification of Electromagnetic Effects at System Level
F. Sabath

39. Measurement of EM Field Inside a Cruising Aircraft: Potential Problems for the Use of Mobile Phones on Board
A. Kohmura, J. Picard, N. Yonemoto, K. Yamamoto

40. A New Method of Interference Evaluation Between UWB System and Wireless LAN Using a GTEM Cell
Shinobu Ishigami, Masashi Yamada, Kaoru Gotoh, Yasushi Matsumoto, Masamitsu Tokuda

41. Simulation of the Effects of Radiation on a Satellite Memory and Improving Its Fault-Tolerant Ability, Using SIHFT
S.M. Nematollahzadeh, A.A. Jamshidifar

42. Investigations of Electromagnetic Behavior and Interaction of Motion Control Electronic Devices
J.-M. Dienot

43. Wunsch–Bell Criterial Dependence for Si and GaAs Schottky-Barrier Field-Effect Transistors
G.I. Churyumov, M.P. Gribskii, V.V. Starostenko, V. Yr. Tereshenko, D.A. Unzhakov, S.A. Zuev

44. RF Breakdown Prediction for Microwave Passive Components in Multi-carrier Operation
S. Anza, M. Mattes, J. Armendariz, J. Gil, C. Vicente, B. Gimeno, V.E. Boria, D. Raboso

45. UWB Radar: Mechanical Scanning and Signal Processing for Through-the-Wall Imaging
C. Liebe, A. Gaugue, J. Khamlichi, M. Menard, J.-M. Ogier

46. Radar Observation of Objects, Which Fulfill Back-and-Forth Motion
I. Immoreev

47. Human Being Imaging with cm-Wave UWB Radar
A. Yarovoy, X. Zhuge, T. Savelyev, J. Matuzas, B. Levitas

48. A Metallic Wire Electromagnetic Crystal Structure for Radar Applications
F. Ghanem, G.Y. Delisle, T.A. Denidni, K. Ghanem

49. Small Printed Ultra-Wideband Antennas Combining Electric- and Magnetic-Type Radiators
D.-H. Kwon, E.V. Balzovsky, Y.I. Buyanov, Y. Kim, V.I. Koshelev

50. A Bandwidth Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radios
F. Ghanem, P.S. Hall

51. A Long-Range UWB Channel Sounding System Exploiting UWB over Fibre Technology
A. Kavatjikidis, D.J. Edwards, C.J. Stevens

52. UWB Antennas Integration Effects for Wireless Communication Applications
M.-A. Mellah, C. Roblin, A. Sibille

53. Bit Error Rate of a Non-ideal Impulse Radio System
J. Timmermann, E. Pancera, P. Walk, W. Wiesbeck, T. Zwick

54. Integrated cm- and mm-Wave UWB Transceiver for M-Sequence-Based Sensors
M. Kmec, J. Müller, P. Rauschenbach, S. Rentsch, J. Sachs, B. Yang

55. Experimental Focal Waveforms of a Prolate-Spheroidal Impulse-Radiating Antenna
S. Altunc, C.E. Baum, C.G. Christodoulou, E. Schamiloglu

56. Development of a Resonant Chamber Microwave Tomography System
C. Kaye, C. Gilmore, P. Mojabi, D. Firsov, J. LoVetri

Keywords: Physics, Optics and Electrodynamics, Circuits and Systems, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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