Golden, Bruce

The Vehicle Routing Problem: Latest Advances and New Challenges

Golden, Bruce - The Vehicle Routing Problem: Latest Advances and New Challenges, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.Overviews and Surveys

1. Routing a Heterogeneous Fleet of Vehicles
Roberto Baldacci, Maria Battarra, Daniele Vigo

2. A Decade of Capacitated Arc Routing
Sanne Wøhlk

3. Inventory Routing
Luca Bertazzi, Martin Savelsbergh, Maria Grazia Speranza

4. The Period Vehicle Routing Problem and its Extensions
Peter M. Francis, Karen R. Smilowitz, Michal Tzur

5. The Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem: A Survey
Claudia Archetti, Maria Grazia Speranza

6. Challenges and Advances in A Priori Routing
Ann Melissa Campbell, Barrett W. Thomas

7. Metaheuristics for the Vehicle Routing Problem and Its Extensions: A Categorized Bibliography
Michel Gendreau, Jean-Yves Potvin, Olli Bräumlaysy, Geir Hasle, Arne Løkketangen

8. Parallel Solution Methods for Vehicle Routing Problems
Teodor Gabriel Crainic

9. Recent Developments in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Systems
Allan Larsen, Oli B.G. Madsen, Marius M. Solomon

Part II.New Directions in Modeling and Algorithms

10. Online Vehicle Routing Problems: A Survey
Patrick Jaillet, Michael R. Wagner

11. Modeling and Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem on Trees
Bala Chandran, S. Raghavan

12. Using a Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Generalized Orienteering Problem
Xia Wang, Bruce L. Golden, Edward A. Wasil

13. An Integer Linear Programming Local Search for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems
Paolo Toth, Andrea Tramontani

14. Robust Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems
Artur Pessoa, Marcus Poggi de Aragão, Eduardo Uchoa

15. Recent Models and Algorithms for One-to-One Pickup and Delivery Problems
Jean-Françcois Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte, Stefan Ropke

16. One-to-Many-to-One Single Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Problems
Irina Gribkovskaia, Gilbert Laporte

17. Challenges and Opportunities in Attended Home Delivery
Niels Agatz, Ann Melissa Campbell, Moritz Fleischmann, Martin Savels

18. Chvátal-Gomory Rank-1 Cuts Used in a Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Bjørn Petersen, David Pisinger, Simon Spoorendonk

19. Vehicle Routing Problems with Inter-Tour Resource Constraints
Christoph Hempsch, Stefan Irnich

20. From Single-Objective to Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing Problems: Motivations, Case Studies, and Methods
Nicolas Jozefowiez, Fr´ed´eric Semet, El-Ghazali Talbi

Part III.Practical Applications

21. Vehicle Routing for Small Package Delivery and Pickup Services
Richard T. Wong

22. Advances in Meter Reading: Heuristic Solution of the Close Enough Traveling Salesman Problem over a Street Network
Robert Shuttleworth, Bruce L. Golden, Susan Smith, Edward Wasil

23. Multiperiod Planning and Routing on a Rolling Horizon for Field Force Optimization Logistics
Nathalie Bostel, Pierre Dejax, Pierre Guez, Fabien Tricoire

24. Health Care Logistics, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Relief: New Challenges for Routing Problems with a Focus on the Austrian Situation
Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl

25. Vehicle Routing Problems and Container Terminal Operations – An Update of Research
Robert Stahlbock, Stefan Voß


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