Liu, Huan

Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction

Liu, Huan - Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Rational Choice Theory: A Forum for Exchange of Ideas between the Hard and Social Sciences in Predictive Behavioral Modeling
Sun-Ki Chai

2. The SOMA Terror Organization Portal (STOP): social network and analytic tools for the real-time analysis of terror groups
Amy Sliva, V.S. Subrahmanian, Vanina Martinez, Gerardo I. Simari

3. The Sociology of Alien Rule
Michael Hechter

4. The DoD Encounters the Blogosphere
Rebecca Goolsby

5. Integrating Multi-Agent Technology with Cognitive Modeling to Develop an Insurgency Information Framework (IIF)
LeeRoy Bronner, Akeila Richards

6. Stochastic Opponent Modeling Agents: A Case Study with Hezbollah
Aaron Mannes, Mary Michael, Amy Pate, Amy Sliva, V.S. Subrahmanian, Jonathan Wilkenfeld

7. An approach to modeling group behaviors and beliefs in conflict situations
Norman D. Geddes, Michele L. Atkinson

8. Computational Models of Multi-National Organizations
A.H. Levis, Smriti K. Kansal, A.E. Olmez, Ashraf M. AbuSharekh

9. Clustering of Trajectory Data obtained from Soccer Game Records – A First Step to Behavioral Modeling –
Shoji Hirano, Shusaku Tsumoto

10. Mobile Phone Data for Inferring Social Network Structure
Nathan Eagle, Alex (Sandy) Pentland, David Lazer

11. Human Behavioral Modeling Using Fuzzy and Dempster–Shafer Theory
Ronald R. Yager

12. Online Behavioral Analysis and Modeling Methodology (OBAMM)
David J. Robinson, Vincent H. Berk, George V. Cybenko

13. Mining for Social Processes in Intelligence Data Streams
Robert Savell, George Cybenko

14. An Ant Colony Optimization Approach to Expert Identification in Social Networks
Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, Jaideep Srivastava

15. Attribution-based Anomaly Detection: Trustworthiness in an Online Community
Shuyuan Mary Ho

16. Particle Swarm Social Model for Group Social Learning in Adaptive Environment
Xiaohui Cui, Laura L. Pullum, Jim Treadwell, Robert M. Patton, Thomas E. Potok

17. Social Network Analysis: Tasks and Tools
Steven Loscalzo, Lei Yu

18. Behavioral Entropy of a Cellular Phone User
Santi Phithakkitnukoon, Husain Husna, Ram Dantu

19. Community Detection in a Large Real-World Social Network
Karsten Steinhaeuser, Nitesh V. Chawla

20. Where are the slums? New approaches to urban regeneration
Beniamino Murgante, Giuseppe Las Casas, Maria Danese

21. A Composable Discrete-Time Cellular Automaton Formalism
Gary R Mayer, Hessam S Sarjoughian

22. Designing Group Annotations and Process Visualizations for Role-Based Collaboration
Gregorio Convertino, Anna Wu, Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang, Craig H. Ganoe, Blaine Hoffman, John M. Carroll

23. Modeling Malaysian Public Opinion by Mining the Malaysian Blogosphere
Brian Ulicny

24. Reading Between the Lines: Human-centred Classification of Communication Patterns and Intentions
Daniela Stokar Neuforn, Katrin Franke

25. Metagame Strategies of Nation-States, with Application to Cross-Strait Relations
Alex Chavez, Jun Zhang

26. Automating Frame Analysis
Antonio Sanfilippo, Lyndsey Franklin, Stephen Tratz, Gary Danielson, Nicholas Mileson, Roderick Riensche, Liam McGrath

27. Using Topic Analysis to Compute Identity Group Attributes
Lashon B. Booker, Gary W. Strong


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