Piquero, Alex R.

Handbook of Quantitative Criminology

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Table of contents

1. Descriptive Approaches for Research and Policy: Innovative Descriptive Methods for Crime and Justice Problems

1. Introduction
Alex R. Piquero, David Weisburd

2. Crime Mapping: Spatial and Temporal Challenges
Jerry Ratcliffe

3. Look Before You Analyze: Visualizing Data in Criminal Justice
Michael D. Maltz

4. Group-Based Trajectory Modeling: An Overview
Daniel S. Nagin

5. General Growth Mixture Analysis with Antecedents and Consequences of Change
Hanno Petras, Katherine Masyn

6. Spatial Regression Models in Criminology: Modeling Social Processes in the Spatial Weights Matrix
George E. Tita, Steven M. Radil

7. Mixed Method Research in Criminology: Why Not Go Both Ways?
Shadd Maruna

2. Descriptive Approaches for Research and Policy: New Estimation Techniques for Assessing Crime and Justice Policy

8. Estimating Costs of Crime
Mark A. Cohen, Roger Bowles

9. Estimating Treatment Effects: Matching Quantification to the Question
Thomas A. Loughran, Edward P. Mulvey

10. Meta-analysis
David B. Wilson

11. Social Network Analysis
Jean Marie McGloin, David S. Kirk

12. Systematic Social Observation in Criminology
Stephen D. Mastrofski, Roger B. Parks, John D. McCluskey

3. New Directions in Assessing Design, Measurement and Data Quality

13. Identifying and Addressing Response Errors in Self-Report Surveys
James P. Lynch, Lynn A. Addington

14. Missing Data Problems in Criminological Research
Robert Brame, Michael G. Turner, Ray Paternoster

15. The Life Event Calendar Method in Criminological Research
Jennifer Roberts, Julie Horney

16. Statistical Power
Chester L. Britt, David Weisburd

17. Descriptive Validity and Transparent Reporting in Randomised Controlled Trials
Amanda E. Perry

18. Measurement Error in Criminal Justice Data
John Pepper, Carol Petrie, Sean Sullivan

19. Statistical Models of Life Events and Criminal Behavior
D. Wayne Osgood

4. Estimation of Impacts and Outcomes of Crime and Justice: Topics in Experimental Methods

20. An Introduction to Experimental Criminology
Lawrence W. Sherman

21. Randomized Block Designs
Barak Ariel, David P. Farrington

22. Construct Validity: The Importance of Understanding the Nature of the Intervention Under Study
John S. Goldkamp

23. Place Randomized Trials
Robert Boruch, David Weisburd, Richard Berk

24. Longitudinal-Experimental Studies
David P. Farrington, Rolf Loeber, Brandon C. Welsh

25. Multisite Trials in Criminal Justice Settings: Trials and Tribulations of Field Experiments
Faye S. Taxman, Anne Giuranna Rhodes

5. Estimation of Impacts and Outcomes of Crime and Justice: Innovation in Quasi-Experimental Design

26. Propensity Score Matching in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Robert J. Apel, Gary Sweeten

27. Recent Perspectives on the Regression Discontinuity Design
Richard Berk

28. Testing Theories of Criminal Decision Making: Some Empirical Questions about Hypothetical Scenarios
M. Lyn Exum, Jeffrey A. Bouffard

29. Instrumental Variables in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Shawn D. Bushway, Robert J. Apel

6. Estimation of Impacts and Outcomes of Crime and Justice: Non-Experimental Approaches to Explaining Crime and Justice Outcomes

30. Multilevel Analysis in the Study of Crime and Justice
Brian D. Johnson

31. Logistic Regression Models for Categorical Outcome Variables
Chester L. Britt, David Weisburd

32. Count Models in Criminology
John M. MacDonald, Pamela K. Lattimore

33. Statistical Analysis of Spatial Crime Data
Wim Bernasco, Henk Elffers

34. An Introduction to Statistical Learning from a Regression Perspective
Richard Berk

35. Estimating Effects over Time for Single and Multiple Units
Laura Dugan

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Methodology of the Social Sciences

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