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Strategies of Life Detection

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Table of contents

1. Foreword
J. L. Bada, J. Gomez-Elvira, E. Javaux, M. Rosing, F. Selsis, R. Summons, R. M. Bonnet, O. Botta

2. Towards a Definition of Life: The Impossible Quest?
Antonio Lazcano

3. Infrared Spectroscopy of Solar-System Planets
Thérèse Encrenaz

4. Extraterrestrial Organic Matter and the Detection of Life
Mark A. Sephton, Oliver Botta

5. Astrobiology and Habitability of Titan
Francois Raulin

6. An Approach to Searching for Life on Mars, Europa, and Enceladus
Christopher P. McKay

7. Accretion, Trapping and Binding of Sediment in Archean Stromatolites—Morphological Expression of the Antiquity of Life
Wladyslaw Altermann

8. Biogenerated Rock Structures
W. E. Krumbein

9. Morphological Biosignatures in Early Terrestrial andExtraterrestrial Materials
Frances Westall

10. Gene Transfer and the Reconstruction of Life’s Early History from Genomic Data
J. Peter Gogarten, Gregory Fournier, Olga Zhaxybayeva

11. Molecular Biosignatures
Roger E. Summons, Pierre Albrecht, Gene McDonald, J. Michael Moldowan

12. Fossil Lipids for Life-Detection: A Case Study from the Early Earth Record
Jennifer L. Eigenbrode

13. Chirality and Life
LaurenceD. Barron

14. Multiple-Sulphur Isotope Biosignatures
Shuhei Ono

15. Stable Isotope Ratios as a Biomarker on Mars
Mark Zuilen

16. Viking Biology Experiments: Lessons Learned and theRole of Ecology in Future Mars Life-Detection Experiments
Andrew C. Schuerger, Benton C. Clark

17. Morphological Biosignatures from Subsurface Environments: Recognition on Planetary Missions
B. A. Hofmann

18. Exploration of the Habitability of Mars: Development of Analytical Protocols for Measurement of Organic Carbon on the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory
Paul Mahaffy

19. Urey: Mars Organic and Oxidant Detector
J. L. Bada, P. Ehrenfreund, F. Grunthaner, D. Blaney, M. Coleman, A. Farrington, A. Yen, R. Mathies, R. Amudson, R. Quinn, A. Zent, S. Ride, L. Barron, O. Botta, B. Clark, D. Glavin, B. Hofmann, J. L. Josset, P. Rettberg, F. Robert, M. Sephton

20. Raman Spectroscopy—A Powerful Tool for in situ Planetary Science
N. Tarcea, T. Frosch, P. Rösch, M. Hilchenbach, T. Stuffler, S. Hofer, H. Thiele, R. Hochleitner, J. Popp

21. Protein Microarrays-Based Strategies for Life Detection in Astrobiology
Víctor Parro, Luis A. Rivas, Javier Gómez-Elvira

22. On the “Galactic Habitable Zone”
Nikos Prantzos

23. Earthshine Observation of Vegetation and Implication for Life Detection on Other Planets
Luc Arnold

24. Searching for Signs of Life in the Reflected Light from Exoplanets: ACatalog of Nearby Target Stars
M. C. Turnbull

25. Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy and Photometry
S. Seager

26. Future Space Missions to Search for Terrestrial Planets
Malcolm Fridlund

27. “Strategies of Life Detection”: Summary and Outlook
Oliver Botta, Jeffrey L. Bada, Javier Gomez-Elvira, Emmanuelle Javaux, Franck Selsis, Roger Summons


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