Luo, Shi Ming

Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Luo, Shi Ming - Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, ebook


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Table of contents

Part 1. History

1. Historical Examples of Allelopathy and Ethnobotany from the Mediterranean Region
Giovanni Aliotta, Azim U. Mallik, Antonino Pollio

2. Allelopathy: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities
Azim U. Mallik

3. Allelopathy in Chinese Ancient and Modern Agriculture
Ren Sen Zeng

Part 2. Allelochemicals and Allelopathic Mechanisms

4. Allelochemicals in Plants
Terry Haig

5. Allelopathy: Full Circle from Phytotoxicity to Mechanisms of Resistance
Tiffany L. Weir, Jorge M. Vivanco

6. Allelopathic Mechanisms and Experimental Methodology
Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer

7. Indirect Effects of Phenolics on Plant Performance by Altering Nitrogen Cycling: Another Mechanism of Plant–Plant Negative Interactions
Eva Castells

8. Genomic Approaches to Understanding Allelochemical Effects on Plants
Stephen O. Duke, Scott R. Baerson, Zhiqiang Pan, Isabelle A. Kagan, Adela Sánchez-Moreiras, Manuel J. Reigosa, Nuria Pedrol, Margot Schulz

9. Allelopathy from a Mathematical Modeling Perspective
Min An, De Li Liu, Hanwen Wu, Ying Hu Liu

Part 3. Application of Allelopathy in Agriculture and Forestry

10. Progress and Prospect of Rice Allelopathy Research
Kil-Ung Kim, Dong-Hyun Shin

11. Rice Allelopathy Research in China
Lihua Shen, Jun Xiong, Wenxiong Lin

12. Recent Advances in Wheat Allelopathy
Hanwen Wu, Min An, De Li Liu, Jim Pratley, Deirdre Lemerle

13. Sorghum Allelopathy for Weed Management in Wheat
Zahid A. Cheema, Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Farooq

14. Allelochemicals in Pre-cowing Soils of Continuous Soybean Cropping and Their Autointoxication
Fei Yan, Zhenming Yang

15. Autotoxicity in Agriculture and Forestry
Ying Hu Liu, Ren Sen Zeng, Min An, Azim U. Mallik, Shi Ming Luo

16. Black Walnut Allelopathy: Implications for Intercropping
Shibu Jose, Eric Holzmueller

17. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Mycorrhizal Fungi in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
Muhammad A.B. Mallik, Robert D. Williams

18. Utilization of Stress Tolerant, Weed Suppressive Groundcovers for Low Maintenance Landscape Settings
Leslie A. Weston, Seok Hyun Eom

19. Allelopathy in Forested Ecosystems
Azim U. Mallik


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