Connolly, Terry

Decision Modeling and Behavior in Complex and Uncertain Environments

Connolly, Terry - Decision Modeling and Behavior in Complex and Uncertain Environments, ebook


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Table of contents

I.Integrating Decision Analysis and Behavioral Models

1. Improving and Measuring the Effectiveness of Decision Analysis: Linking Decision Analysis and Behavioral Decision Research
Robert T. Clemen

2. Reducing Perceptual and Cognitive Challenges in Making Decisions with Models
Jenna L. Marquard, Stephen M. Robinson

3. Agricultural Decision Making in the Argentine Pampas: Modeling the Interaction between Uncertain and Complex Environments and Heterogeneous and Complex Decision Makers
Guillermo Podestá, Elke U. Weber, Carlos Laciana, Federico Bert, David Letson

II.Innovations in Behavioral Model Analysis

4. On Optimal Satisficing: How Simple Policies Can Achieve Excellent Results
J. Neil Bearden, Terry Connolly

5. There Are Many Models of Transitive Preference: A Tutorial Review and Current Perspective
Michel Regenwetter, Clintin P. Davis-Stober

6. Integrating Compensatory and Noncompensatory Decision-Making Strategies in Dynamic Task Environments
Ling Rothrock, Jing Yin

7. Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma and Battle of Sexes Games: A Simulation Study
Jijun Zhao, Ferenc Szidarovszky, Miklos N. Szilagyi

III.Innovations in Descriptive Behavior Models

8. Individual Values and Social Goals in Environmental Decision Making
David H. Krantz, Nicole Peterson, Poonam Arora, Kerry Milch, Ben Orlove

9. Does More Money Buy You More Happiness?
Manel Baucells, Rakesh K. Sarin

10. Cognitive Biases Affect the Acceptance of Tradeoff Studies
Eric D. Smith, Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini, Terry Bahill

IV.Experimental Studies in Behavioral Research

11. Valuation of Vague Prospects with Mixed Outcomes
David V. Budescu, Sara Templin

12. Collective Search in Concrete and Abstract Spaces
Robert L. Goldstone, Michael E. Roberts, Winter Mason, Todd Gureckis

13. Braess Paradox in the Laboratory: Experimental Study of Route Choice in Traffic Networks with Asymmetric Costs
Amnon Rapoport, Tamar Kugler, Subhasish Dugar, Eyran J. Gisches

14. Non-Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem
John Saalweachter, Zygmunt Pizlo


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