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Late Effects of Treatment for Brain Tumors

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Table of contents

2. Introduction to Brain Tumor Survivorship and Historical Perspective
Stewart Goldman, Christopher D. Turner

3. Late Effects of Neurosurgery
Arthur J. DiPatri, Martin Pham, Kenji Muro

4. Late Effects of CNS Radiation Therapy
Helen A. Shih, Jay S. Loeffler, Nancy J. Tarbell

5. Late Effects of Chemotherapy
Sridharan Gururangan

6. Late Effects of Stem Cell Transplantation in Brain Tumor Survivors
Karina Danner-Koptik, David A. Jacobsohn, Kimberley J. Dilley

7. Effect of Cancer Treatment on Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells
Jörg Dietrich, Santosh Kesari

8. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Late Effects Clinic
Kimberley J. Dilley, Barbara Lockart

9. Neurological Complications in Adults
Michelle Monje, Patrick Y. Wen

10. Neurological Complications in Children
Sonia Partap, Paul Graham Fisher

11. Strokes Among Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors
Daniel C. Bowers

12. Endocrine Late Effects: Manifestations and Treatments
Jason R. Fangusaro, Elizabeth Eaumann Littlejohn

13. Ocular Consequences and Late Effects of Brain Tumor Treatments
María E. Echevarría, Joanna L. Weinstein

14. Auditory Late Effects of Chemotherapy
Anna K. Meyer, Nancy M. Young

15. Reproductive Health Issues in Survivors of Childhood and Adult Brain Tumors
Tress Goodwin, B. Elizabeth Delasobera, Paul Graham Fisher

16. Cancer Predisposition Syndromes
Joanna L. Weinstein, Kanyalakshmi Ayyanar, Melody A. Watral

17. Secondary Neoplasms Following Treatment for Brain Tumors
Joanna L. Weinstein, Kanyalakshmi Ayyanar, Melody A. Watral

18. Neuropsychological Impact of Treatment of Brain Tumors
Cinzia R. Luca, Rowena Conroy, Maria C. McCarthy, Vicki A. Anderson, David M. Ashley

19. Psychological and Social Impact of Being a Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivor
Stephen A. Sands, Keith P. Pasichow

20. Psychological and Social Impact of Being a Brain Tumor Survivor: Adult Issues
R. D. Calhoun-Eagan

21. Academic Issues: Special Education and Related Interventions
Frank A. J. Zelko, Lisa G. Sorensen

22. Caregiver and Family Issues for Brain Tumor Survivors
Tracy Moore, Stacia Wagner

23. Healthy Lifestyle Choices after Cancer Treatment
Victoria W. Willard, Melanie J. Bonner, A. Bebe Guill

24. Integrative Oncology as Part of the Treatment for Brain Tumors
David S. Rosenthal, Christopher D. Turner, Anne M. Doherty-Gilman, Elizabeth Dean-Clower

25. Legal Issues and Laws Relevant to Brain Tumor Survivors
G. P. Monaco, Gilbert Smith

26. Pathways to Brain Tumor Advocacy
Susan L. Weiner, Craig Lustig

27. Screening for Late Effects in Brain Tumor Survivors
Wendy Landier, Karen E. Kinahan, Susan Shaw, Smita Bhatia

28. Support Organizations, Resources and Relevent Websites
Dawn Grenier, Sarah Gupta

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Pediatrics

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Cancer Treatment and Research
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13 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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