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Chemical Communication in Crustaceans

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Table of contents

1. Chemical Communication in Crustaceans: Research Challenges for the Twenty-First Century
Martin Thiel, Thomas Breithaupt

2. Pheromones and Behavior
Tristram D. Wyatt

3. Crustaceans as Powerful Models in Aquatic Chemical Ecology
Mark E. Hay

4. Waterborne Chemical Communication: Stimulus Dispersal Dynamics and Orientation Strategies in Crustaceans
Marc J. Weissburg

5. Hydrodynamics of Sniffing by Crustaceans
Mimi A. R. Koehl

6. Chemosensory Sensilla in Crustaceans
Eric Hallberg, Malin Skog

7. Neuronal Processing of Chemical Information in Crustaceans
Manfred Schmidt, DeForest Mellon

8. The Neural and Behavioral Basis of Chemical Communication in Terrestrial Crustaceans
Bill S. Hansson, Steffen Harzsch, Markus Knaden, Marcus Stensmyr

9. Chemical Communication Between Copepods: Finding the Mate in a Fluid Environment
Jeannette Yen, Rachel Lasley

10. Chemical Communication in Peracarid Crustaceans
Martin Thiel

11. Mantis Shrimp: Olfactory Apparatus and Chemosensory Behavior
Kristina Mead, Roy Caldwell

12. Chemical Communication in Lobsters
Juan Aggio, Charles D. Derby

13. Chemical Communication in Crayfish
Thomas Breithaupt

14. Chemical Communication in Decapod Shrimps: The Influence of Mating and Social Systems on the Relative Importance of Olfactory and Contact Pheromones
Raymond T. Bauer

15. Chemical Ecology and Social Behavior of Anomura
Francesca Gherardi, Elena Tricarico

16. Deception in Visual and Chemical Communication in Crustaceans
John H. Christy, Dan Rittschof

17. Chemical Communication in a Multimodal Context
Eileen A. Hebets, Aaron Rundus

18. Chemical Cues and Reducing the Risk of Predation
Brian A. Hazlett

19. Identification of Crustacean Sex Pheromones
Joerg D. Hardege, John A. Terschak

20. Approaches to a Molecular Identification of Sex Pheromones in Blue Crabs
Michiya Kamio, Charles D. Derby

21. The Crustacean Endocrine System and Pleiotropic Chemical Messengers
Ernest S. Chang

22. Toward a Characterization of the Chemical Cue to Barnacle Gregariousness
Anthony S. Clare

23. Contact Chemoreception and Its Role in Zooplankton Mate Recognition
Terry Snell

24. A Review of Research in Fish Pheromones
Yu-Wen Chung-Davidson, Mar Huertas, Weiming Li

25. Chemical Communication and Aquaculture of Decapod Crustaceans: Needs, Problems, and Possible Solutions
Assaf Barki, Clive Jones, Ilan Karplus

26. Effects of Pollutants on Olfactory Mediated Behaviors in Fish and Crustaceans
K. Håkan Olsén

27. Insect Pheromones: Useful Lessons for Crustacean Pheromone Programs?
Thomas C. Baker

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Ecology, Invertebrates, Animal Biochemistry, Behavioural Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Neurobiology

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Natural Sciences

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