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Table of contents

1. Glaucoma in the Twenty-First Century
Ridia Lim, Ivan Goldberg

2. An Evidence-Based Approach to Glaucoma Care
Louis R. Pasquale

3. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Intraocular Pressure
Nils A. Loewen, Angelo P. Tanna

4. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Fluctuations in Intraocular Pressure
Felipe A. Medeiros

5. Glaucoma is a 24/7 Disease
Amish B. Doshi, John H. K. Liu, Robert N. Weinreb

6. Continuous Monitoring of Intraocular Pressure
Ron E. P. Frenkel, Max P. C. Frenkel, Shamim A. Haji

7. Aqueous Veins and Open Angle Glaucoma
Murray Johnstone, Annisa Jamil, Elizabeth Martin

8. Glaucoma Risk Factors: The Cornea
Lionel Marzette, Leon Herndon

9. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Family History – The Genetics of Glaucoma
John R. Samples

10. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Ethnicity and Glaucoma
M. Roy Wilson, Mark Gallardo

11. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Ocular Blood Flow
Brent Siesky, Alon Harris, Rita Ehrlich, Nisha Kheradiya, Carlos Rospigliosi Lopez

12. Glaucoma Risk Factors: Sleep Apnea and Glaucoma
Rick E. Bendel, Janet A. Betchkal

13. Evaluating Ophthalmic Literature
Dan Eisenberg, Paul N. Schacknow

14. Indications for Therapy
George L. Spaeth

15. Clinical Examination of the Optic Nerve
Scott J. Fudemberg, Yuanjun Zhao, Jonathan S. Myers, L. Jay Katz

16. Clinical Cupping: Laminar and Prelaminar Components
Claude F. Burgoyne, Hongli Yang, J. Crawford Downs

17. Disc Hemorrhages and Glaucoma
David J. Palmer

18. Some Lessons from the Disc Appearance in the Open Angle Glaucomas
Stephen M. Drance

19. Evaluating the Optic Nerve for Glaucomatous Progression
Felipe A. Medeiros

20. Digital Imaging of the Optic Nerve
Shan Lin, George Tanaka

21. Clinical Utility of Computerized Optic Nerve Analysis
Neil T. Choplin

22. Photography of the Optic Nerve
Roy Whitaker, Von Best Whitaker

23. Detecting Functional Changes in the Patient’s Vision: Visual Field Analysis
Chris A. Johnson

24. Using Electroretinography for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Kevin C. Leonard, Cindy M. L. Hutnik

25. Glaucomatous Versus Nonglaucomatous Visual Loss: The Neuro-Ophthalmic Perspective
Matthew D. Kay, Mark L. Moster, Paul N. Schacknow

26. Gonioscopy
Reid Longmuir

27. Beyond Gonioscopy: Digital Imaging of the Anterior Segment
Robert J. Noecker

28. Office Examination of the Glaucoma Patient
Paul N. Schacknow

29. Glaucoma and Driving
Odette Callender

30. Electronic Medical Records in the Glaucoma Practice
Mildred M. G. Olivier, Linda Hay

31. Advanced Glaucoma and Low Vision: Evaluation and Treatment
Scott Robison

32. Glaucoma and Medical Insurance: Billing and Coding Issues
Cynthia Mattox

33. Medical Legal Considerations When Treating Glaucoma Patients
J. Wesley Samples, John R. Samples

34. Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Matthew G. McMenemy

35. Normal Pressure Glaucoma
Bruce E. Prum

36. Primary and Secondary Angle-Closure Glaucomas
Marshall N. Cyrlin

37. Malignant Glaucoma (Posterior Aqueous Diversion Syndrome)
Marshall N. Cyrlin

38. Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome and Glaucoma
Celso Tello, Nathan Radcliffe, Robert Ritch

39. Exfoliation Syndrome and Glaucoma
Anastasios G. P. Konstas, Gábor Holló, Robert Ritch

40. Neovascular Glaucoma
Donald Minckler

41. Inflammatory Disease and Glaucoma
Sunita Radhakrishnan, Emmett T. Cunningham, Andrew Iwach

42. Posner–Schlossman Syndrome
Raghu C. Mudumbai, Sarwat Salim

43. Fuchs’ Uveitis Syndrome and Glaucoma
Edney R. Moura Filho, Thomas J. Liesegang

44. Herpes Simplex Related Glaucoma
Edney R. Moura Filho, Thomas J. Liesegang

45. Herpes Zoster Related Glaucoma
Edney R. Moura Filho, Thomas J. Liesegang

46. Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome and Glaucoma
Sarwat Salim, Peter A. Netland

47. Ghost Cell Glaucoma
Dinorah P. Engel Castro, Cynthia Mattox

48. Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy and Glaucoma
Blair Boehmer, Clark Springs

49. Ocular Trauma and Glaucoma
Helen Tseng, Kenneth Mitchell

50. Infantile, Childhood, and Juvenile Glaucomas
David S. Walton

51. Medications Used to Treat Glaucoma
Paul N. Schacknow, John R. Samples

52. Choosing Adjunctive Glaucoma Therapy
Jess T. Whitson

53. Monocular Drug Trials for Glaucoma Therapy in the Community Setting
Tony Realini

54. Neuroprotection of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Alvaro P. C. Lupinacci, Howard Barnebey, Peter A. Netland

55. Compliance and Adherence: Lifelong Therapy for Glaucoma
Alan Robin, Betsy Sleath, David Covert

56. Alternative and Non-traditional Treatments of Glaucoma
Joseph R. Zelefsky, Robert Ritch

57. Intravitreal Steroids and Glaucoma
Yousuf Khalifa, Sandra M. Johnson

58. Pregnancy and Glaucoma
Jeff Martow

59. Systemic Side Effects of Glaucoma Medications
Paul Lama

60. Systemic Diseases and Glaucoma
Paul Lama

61. Laser Therapies: Iridotomy, Iridoplasty, and Trabeculoplasty
Douglas Gaasterland

62. Laser Iridoplasty Techniques for Narrow Angles and Plateau Iris Syndrome
Baseer U. Khan

63. Laser Therapies: Cyclodestructive Procedures
Christopher J. Russo, Malik Y. Kahook

64. Laser Therapies: Newer Technologies
Michael S. Berlin, Kevin Taliaferro

65. Incisional Therapies: Trabeculectomy Surgery
Shlomo Melamed, Daniel Cotlear

66. Incisional Therapies: Trabeculotomy Surgery in Adults
Ronald L. Fellman

67. Incisional Therapies: Canaloplasty and New Implant Devices
Diamond Y. Tam, Iqbal “Ike” K. Ahmed

68. Incisional Therapies: Shunts and Valved Implants
John W. Boyle, Peter A. Netland

69. Incisional Therapies: What’s on the Horizon?
Richard A. Hill, Don S. Minckler

70. Incisional Therapies: Complications of Glaucoma Surgery
Marlene R. Moster, Augusto Azuara-Blanco

71. Amniotic Membrane Grafts for Glaucoma Surgery
Hosam Sheha, Lingyi Liang, Scheffer C. G. Tseng

72. Treating Choroidal Effusions After Glaucoma Surgery
Jody Piltz-Seymour

73. Cyclodialysis Clefts: Surgical and Traumatic
George R. Reiss

74. Epithelial Downgrowth
Matthew C. Willett, Sami Al-Shahwan, Deepak P. Edward

75. Penetrating Keratoplasty and Glaucoma
Michele L. Scott, Peter A. Netland

76. Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK) and Glaucoma
Theodoros Filippopoulos, Kathryn A. Colby, Cynthia L. Grosskreutz

77. Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery
Joseph R. Zelefsky, Stephen A. Obstbaum

78. Cataract Extraction as Treatment for Acute and Chronic Angle Closure Glaucomas
Baseer U. Khan

79. Refractive Surgery and Glaucoma
Sarwat Salim, Peter A. Netland

80. Glaucoma after Retinal Surgery
Annisa L. Jamil, Scott D. Lawrence, David A. Saperstein, Elliott M. Kanner, Richard P. Mills, Peter A. Netland

81. Immunology and Glaucoma
Michal Schwartz, Anat London

82. How the Revolution in Cell Biology Will Affect Glaucoma: Biomarkers
Paul A. Knepper, Michael J. Nolan, Beatrice Y. J. T. Yue

83. CD44 and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Paul A. Knepper, Michael J. Nolan, Beatrice Y. J. T. Yue

84. Stem Cells and Glaucoma
Shan Lin, Mary Kelley, John Samples

85. Cytoskeletal Active Agents for Glaucoma Therapy
Jennifer A. Faralli, Marie K. Schwinn, Donna M. Peters, Paul L. Kaufman

86. The Drug Discovery Process: How Do New Glaucoma Medications Come to Market?
Michael Bergamini

87. Glaucoma Clinical Research in the Community Setting
Harvey DuBiner, Helen DuBiner, Paul N. Schacknow

88. Future Glaucoma Medical Therapies: What’s in the Pipeline?
Abbot F. Clark

89. Anecortave Acetate: A New Approach for the Medical Treatment of Glaucoma
Amy Lewis Hennessy, Alan L. Robin

90. Future Glaucoma Instrumentation: Diagnostic and Therapeutic
Kelly A. Townsend, Gadi Wollstein, Joel S. Schuman

91. What Really Causes Glaucoma?
John R. Samples

92. The Glaucoma Book: What Do We Know Now, What Do We Need to Know About Glaucoma?
Paul N. Schacknow

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