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Primate Craniofacial Function and Biology

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Table of contents

Part I. Historical Perspective on Experimental Research in BiologicalAnthropology

1. Experimental Comparative Anatomy in Physical Anthropology: The Contributions of Dr. William L. Hylander to Studies of Skull Form and Function
Daniel Schmitt, Christine E. Wall, Pierre Lemelin

Part II. In Vivo Research into Masticatory Function

2. A Nonprimate Model for the Fused Symphysis: In Vivo Studies in the Pig
Susan W. Herring, Katherine L. Rafferty, Zi Jun Liu, Zongyang Sun

3. Symphyseal Fusion in Selenodont Artiodactyls: New Insights from~In Vivo and Comparative Data
Susan H. Williams, Christine E. Wall, Christopher J. Vinyard, William L. Hylander

4. Does the Primate Face Torque?
Callum F. Ross

5. Motor Control of Masticatory Movements in the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons)
Alfred W. Crompton, Daniel E. Lieberman, Tomasz Owerkowicz, Russell V. Baudinette, Jayne Skinner

6. Specialization of the Superficial Anterior Temporalis in Baboons for Masticationof Hard Foods
Christine E. Wall, Christopher J. Vinyard, Susan H. Williams, Kirk R. Johnson, William L. Hylander

Part III. Modeling Masticatory Apparatus Function

7. Effects of Dental Alveoli on the Biomechanical Behavior of the Mandibular Corpus
David J. Daegling, Jennifer L. Hotzman, Andrew J. Rapoff

8. Surface Strain on Bone and Sutures in a Monkey Facial Skeleton: An In Vitro Approach and itsRelevance to Finite Element Analysis
Qian Wang, Paul C. Dechow, Barth W. Wright, Callum F. Ross, David S. Strait, Brian G. Richmond, Mark A. Spencer, Craig D. Byron

9. Craniofacial Strain Patterns During Premolar Loading: Implications for Human Evolution
David S. Strait, Barth W. Wright, Brian G. Richmond, Callum F. Ross, Paul C. Dechow, Mark A. Spencer, Qian Wang

Part IV. Jaw-Muscle Architecture

10. Scaling of Reduced Physiologic Cross-Sectional Area in Primate Muscles of Mastication
Fred Anapol, Nazima Shahnoor, Callum F. Ross

11. Scaling of the Chewing Muscles in Prosimians
Jonathan M.G. Perry, Christine E. Wall

12. The Relationship Between Jaw-Muscle Architecture and Feeding Behavior in Primates: Tree-Gouging and Nongouging Gummivorous Callitrichids as a Natural Experiment
Andrea B. Taylor, Christopher J. Vinyard

Part V. Bone and Dental Morphology

13. Relationship Between Three-Dimensional Microstructure and Elastic Properties of Cortical Bone in the Human Mandible and Femur
Paul C. Dechow, Dong Hwa Chung, Mitra Bolouri

14. Adaptive Plasticity in the Mammalian Masticatory Complex: You AreWhat, and How, You Eat
Matthew J. Ravosa, Elisabeth K. Lopez, Rachel A. Menegaz, Stuart R. Stock, M. Sharon Stack, Mark W. Hamrick

15. Mandibular Corpus Form and Its Functional Significance: Evidence from Marsupials
Aaron S. Hogue

16. Putting Shape to Work: Making Functional Interpretations of~Masticatory Apparatus Shapes in Primates
Christopher J. Vinyard

17. Food Physical Properties and Their Relationship to Morphology: The Curious Case of kily
Nayuta Yamashita

18. Convergence and Frontation in Fayum Anthropoid Orbits
Elwyn L. Simons

19. What Else Is the Tall Mandibular Ramus of the RobustAustralopiths Good For?
Yoel Rak, William L. Hylander

20. Framing the Question: Diet and Evolution in Early Homo
Susan C. Antón


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