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Service Science, Management and Engineering Education for the 21st Century

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Table of contents

1.SSME Discipline

1. Legitimizing SSME in Academia: Critical Considerations and Essential Actions
Jane Siegel, Bill Hefley, Shelley Evenson, Sandra Slaughter

2. Holistic Trinity of Services Sciences: Management, Social, and Engineering Sciences
Richard C. Larson

3. SSME, Operations Research and Education
Giovanni Righini

4. A Designer's view of SSME
Shelley Evenson

5. SSME—let's not Forget About Customers and Revenue
Roland T. Rust

6. Psychology of the Experience: The Missing Link in Service Science
Richard B. Chase, Sriram Dasu

7. Challenges of industrial Service Business Development
Vesa Salminen, Petri Kalliokoski

8. A Research Based Educational initiative: The institute for international Services innovation at Trinity College Dublin
John Murray

9. Defining the Research Agenda: Technology Management as a Contributor to Service Sciences, Management and Engineering
Dundar F. Kocaoglu, Tugrul U. Daim, Antonie J. Jetter

10. Actionable Process Theories: A Unique Selling Proposition for a Science of Services
Nick V. Flor

11. Quality System Management and Education in Service Environments
Richard R. Perdue, Steven D. Sheetz

12. Art of Service: Drawing the Arts to inform Service Design and Specification
Birgit Mager, Shelley Evenson

13. Service Science, Management and Engineering: A Way of Managing Sociotechnical Systems
Michael E. Gorman

14. A Service logic for Service Science
Stephen L. Vargo, Robert F. Lusch

15. The Service-Dominant Mindset
Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo

16. An integrated Approach to Service innovation
Greg Oxton

2.SSME Education

17. Moving the Service Science Concept to Curricular Reality
Eleanor L. Babco, Carol B. Lynch, Patricia McAllister

18. Defining a Curriculum for Service Systems Engineering
Sheryl A. Sorby, Leonard J. Bohmann, Tom Drummer, Jim Frendewey, Dana Johnson, Kris Mattila, John Sutherland, Robert Warrington

19. Educating The Service Manager in Europe—Assessing Gaps And Opportunities
Paolo Pasini

20. Service Science, Management and Engineering Curricula and Research at NC State University
Steven Allen, Harry Perros, Ioannis Viniotis, Michael Devetsikiotis, Andrew Rindos, Craig Nygard, Lynda Aiman-Smith, John McCreery, Mitzi Montoya-Weiss

21. Bringing Service Sciences into the Curriculum
Roberta S. Russell, Christopher W. Zobel

22. Strategy for inserting SSME into the Undergraduate Experience at a Minority Serving institution
Edward L. Jones, Jakita N. Owensby, Clement S. Allen

23. Putting Requirements and Quality at the Core of Global Service Delivery: Current Efforts and Future Plans at Pace University
Olly Gotel, Christelle Scharff

24. Rochester institute of Technology—Service Management
James W. Jacobs, Guy Johnson

25. Getting Students Excited About Services: Providing a Context for Applying Their newly Acquired Knowledge
Majid Iqbal

26. Educating Services Science leaders to Think Holistically About Enterprises
Donna H. Rhodes, Deborah J. Nightingale

27. Services Research Collaborations: Beyond the ivory Tower
Neeli Bendapudi, Mindy Stobart

28. Progress Report of Efforts Towards a Research and Education Agenda for Services Science in the EU and Greece
Christos Nikolaou

29. A Master Program in Services Engineering and Management at the University of Porto
J. Falcão e Cunha, Lia Patrício, Ana Camanho, Raymond Fisk

30. Engineering of Digital Services— A new Degree that integrates Business Process and information Engineering
Gianmario Motta

31. SSME at Manchester: Bringing People, Business and Technology Together
Liping Zhao, Linda Macaulay

32. A Research & Educational Framework for ICT/S Service Management
Guido Dedene, Monique Snoeck, Rik Maes

33. Education and Research of Service Science and Technology in Tsinghua University
Jie Zhou, Qiaoge Liu, Yanda Li

34. The Current State and Development Plan of Research and Education on SSME in Harbin institute of Technology
Xiao-Fei Xu, Zhong-Jie Wang, Tong Mo

3.SSME Research

35. Services Science Journey: Foundations, Progress, and Challenges
Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, Michael Goul, Susan Urban

36. Service Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Opportunities and Challenges
Uday Apte, Geraldo Ferrer, Ira Lewis, Rene Rendon

37. The Global Information Economy, Service Industrialization and the UCLA BIT Project
Uday S. Karmarkar

38. Data Support Design for Services Science Modeling
Terry P. Harrison, Seán McGarraghy

39. Process and Services Fusion impact Assessment: SSME Findings from industry Collaboration and the need for Competency Centers
Haluk Demirkan, Michael Goul

40. ilab.1: A University-industry Collaboration to Enhance Health Plan Services
Jeffrey A. Lasky, Michael Cardillo

41. SSME: How to Solve it
Shiu-Kai Chin, James S. Royer, Alex Wilkinson

42. Models, Contexts, and Value Chains for Services Sciences
William B. Rouse

43. Complexity and the Services Science Agenda
Yasmin Merali

44. Service Science, Management, Engineering and eOrganisations
Christof Weinhardt, Rudi Studer, Carsten Holtmann, Björn Schnizler, Anupriya Ankolekar, Nenad Stojanovic

45. Towards Customer Centric Physical and virtual Environment — Platform for Services
Suvi Nenonen, Jukka Puhto

46. Constructing Service Machines—Global Sourcing of Knowledge-intensive Services
Paul Lillrank, Olli Tolkki

47. Service Engineering of Call Centers: Research, Teaching, and Practice
Sergey Zeltyn, Avishai Mandelbaum

48. Innovation in Services: From Service Concepts to Service Experiences
Brian Fynes, Ann Marie Lally

49. Service Beyond—Enabling Technologies to Boost Service Business
Pentti Vähä, Anne Tolman, Paula Savioja, Piritta Lampila, Sonja Kangas

50. Bringing Service Design to Service Sciences, Management and Engineering
Stefan Holmlid, Shelley Evenson

51. Research and Education of SSME in Japanese Universities
Hideaki Takagi

52. Service Science—A Japanese Perspective: Pitfalls and Opportunities
Toshiaki Kurokawa

53. Services Science Empowers next Generation MOT—Just-in-Time innovation Management by Service layer integrated Strategic Roadmapping
Akio Kameoka

54. Research & Education in Service Economics & Management at China Center for Service Sector Research(CCSSR)
Jiangfan Li


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