Safari, Ahmad

Piezoelectric and Acoustic Materials for Transducer Applications

Piezoelectric and Acoustic Materials for Transducer Applications


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Table of contents

I. Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity

1. Thermodynamics of Ferroelectricity
E. Koray Akdog?an, Ahmad Safari

2. Piezoelectricity and Crystal Symmetry
A. L. Kholkin, N. A. Pertsev, A. V. Goltsev

3. Crystal Chemistry of Piezoelectric Materials
Susan Trolier-McKinstry

II. Piezoelectric and Acoustic Materials for Transducer Technology

4. Lead-Based Piezoelectric Materials
Dragan Damjanovic

5. KNN-Based Piezoelectric Ceramics
Marija Kosec, Barbara Mali?, Andreja Ben?an, Tadej Rojac

6. Bismuth-based Piezoelectric Ceramics
Tadashi Takenaka

7. Electropolymers for Mechatronics and Artificial Muscles
Zhongyang Cheng, Qiming Zhang, Ji Su, Mario El Tahchi

8. Low-Attenuation Acoustic Silicone Lens for Medical Ultrasonic Array Probes
Y. Yamashita, Y. Hosono, K. Itsumi

9. Carbon-Fiber Composite Materials for Medical Transducers
Toshio Kondo

III. Transducer Design and Principles

10. Piezoelectric Transducer Design for Medical Diagnosis and NDE
Marc Lethiecq, Franck Levassort, Dominique Certon, Louis Pascal Tran-Huu-Hue

11. Piezoelectric Transducer Designs for Sonar Applications
James F. Tressler

12. Finite Element Analysis of Piezoelectric Transducers
Anne-Christine Hladky-Hennion, Bertrand Dubus

IV. Piezoelectric Transducer Fabrication Methods

13. Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Fabrication
Andreas Schönecker

14. Composition Gradient Actuators
Ralf Steinhausen, Horst Beige

15. Robocasting of Three-Dimensional Piezoelectric Structures
James E. Smay, Bruce Tuttle, Joseph Cesarano III

16. Micropositioning
J. Juuti, M. Leinonen, H. Jantunen

17. Piezoelectric Actuator Designs
Aydin Dog?an*, Erman Uzgur

18. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting using Bulk Transducers
Shashank Priya, Rachit Taneja, Robert Myers, Rashed Islam

19. Piezocomposite Ultrasonic Transducers for High-Frequency Wire Bonding of Semiconductor Packages
Siu Wing Or*, Helen Lai Wa Chan

20. Piezoelectric MEMS: Materials and Devices
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb

21. High-Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers and Arrays
K. Kirk Shung, Jonathan M. Cannata, Qifa Zhou

22. Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
Massimo Pappalardo, Giosue Caliano, Alessandro S. Savoia, Alessandro Caronti

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Optical and Electronic Materials, Condensed Matter, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Methods, Crystallography

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