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Handbook of Single-Molecule Biophysics

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Table of contents

1. Single-Molecule Fluorescent Particle Tracking
Ahmet Yildiz

2. Single-Molecule Analysis of Biomembranes
Thomas Schmidt, Gerhard J. Schütz

3. Single-Molecule Imaging in Live Cells
Jie Xiao

4. Fluorescence Imaging at Sub-Diffraction-Limit Resolution with Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy
Graham T. Dempsey, Wenqin Wang, Xiaowei Zhuang

5. Single-Molecule FRET: Methods and Biological Applications
Ling Chin Hwang, Johannes Hohlbein, Seamus J. Holden, Achillefs N. Kapanidis

6. Single-Molecule Enzymology
Joseph J. Loparo, Antoine Oijen

7. Single-Molecule Studies of Rotary Molecular Motors
Teuta Pilizota, Yoshiyuki Sowa, Richard M. Berry

8. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in Living Cells
Thomas Weidemann, Petra Schwille

9. Precise Measurements of Diffusion in Solution by Fluorescence Correlations Spectroscopy
Jörg Enderlein

10. Single-Molecule Studies of Nucleic Acid Interactions Using Nanopores
Meni Wanunu, Gautam V. Soni, Amit Meller

11. Nanopores: Generation, Engineering, and Single-Molecule Applications
Stefan Howorka, Zuzanna Siwy

12. Single-Molecule Manipulation Using Optical Traps
Michael T. Woodside, Megan T. Valentine

13. Magnetic Tweezers for Single-Molecule Experiments
I. D. Vilfan, J. Lipfert, D. A. Koster, S. G. Lemay, N. H. Dekker

14. Folding of Proteins under Mechanical Force
Michael Schlierf, Matthias Rief

15. Probing the Energy Landscape of Protein-Binding Reactions by Dynamic Force Spectroscopy
Andreas Ebner, Reinat Nevo, Christian Ranki, Johannes Preiner, Hermann Gruber, Ruti Kapon, Ziv Reich, Peter Hinterdorfer

16. Probing Single Membrane Proteins by Atomic Force Microscopy
S. Scheuring, K. Tanuj Sapra, Daniel J. Müller

17. High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy
Toshio Ando, Takayuki Uchihashi

18. Recognition Imaging Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Andreas Ebner, Lilia Chtcheglova, Jilin Tang, David Alsteens, Vincent Dupres, Yves F. Dufrêne, Peter Hinterdorfer

19. Atomic Force Microscopy of Protein-Protein Interactions
Xiaohui Zhang, Felix Rico, Amy J. Xu, Vincent T. Moy

20. A New Approach to Analysis of Single-Molecule Force Measurements
Evan Evans, Ken Halvorsen, Koji Kinoshita, Wesley P. Wong

21. Single-Molecule Recognition: Extracting Information from Individual Binding Events and Their Correlation
Cheng Zhu, Veronika I. Zarnitsyna, Wei Chen, Krishna Sarangapani

Keywords: Physics, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Molecular Medicine, Laser Technology, Photonics, Biomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology

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Natural Sciences

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