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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Bioengineering and Biotechnology

2. What makes a Bioengineer and a Biotechnologist?
Robert A. Linsenmeier, David W. Gatchell

3. Bioengineering and Biotechnology: A European Perspective
Joachim H. Nagel

4. Bioengineering and Biotechnology: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
Makoto Kikuchi, James C.H. Goh

5. Employment Outlook and Motivation for Career Preparation
John D. Enderle

2. Traditional Careers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

6. Academic Research and Teaching
Nitish V. Thakor

7. Teaching Colleges and Universities
Maria E. Squire

8. Industry Research and Management
Mark W. Kroll

9. Independent Research Laboratories
David J. Schlyer

10. Public Sector Research, Development, and Regulation
Jove Graham

11. Clinical Medicine and Healthcare
Leann M. Lesperance

12. Intellectual Property Law
Kenneth H. Sonnenfeld

13. Clinical Engineering
Jennifer McGill

14. Entrepreneurship in Medical Device Technologies
Dany Bérubé

15. Entrepreneurship in Pharmaceutical and Biological Drug Discovery and Development
Rabbi Robert G.L. Shorr

3. Innovative Alternative Careers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

16. Human Implantable Technologies
Joseph H. Schulman

17. Specialized Careers in Healthcare
Charles H. Kachmarik

18. Finance and Investment Industry
Kristi A. Tange

19. Regulatory Affairs
Ronald A. Guido, Alan V. McEmber

20. Clinical Research Careers
Kathi G. Durdon

21. Science and Technology Policy
Luis G. Kun

22. Forensic Psychology
Diana M. Falkenbach

23. Energy
Mary E. Reidy

24. Technology Transfer
Eugene B. Krentsel

25. Politics and Legislation
Assemblyman David R. Koon

26. Social Entrepreneurship
Robert A. Malkin

27. Technology and Management Consulting
Guruprasad Madhavan

28. Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting
John G. Webster

29. Public Relations
Cynthia Isaac

30. Sales and Marketing
Jason M. Alter

31. Sports Engineering
Celeste Baine

32. Writing Non-Fiction Books
Barbara A. Oakley

33. Emerging Innovative Careers
Guruprasad Madhavan, Jennifer A. Flexman, Aimee L. Betker

4. Career Development and Success Strategies

34. Holistic Engineering: The Dawn of a New Era for the Profession
Domenico Grasso, David Martinelli

35. On Searching for New Genes: A 21st Century DNA for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning
Rick L. Smyre

36. Protean Professionalism and Career Development
Steven Kerno

37. Leadership Through Social Artistry
Jean Houston

38. Career and Life Management Skills for Success
Bala S. Prasanna

39. Perspectives on Ethical Development: Reflections from Life and Profession
Jerry C. Collins

5. Growth and Responsibilities Beyond the Profession

40. Technology Development and Citizen Engagement
Joseph O. Malo

41. In Defense of Science and Technology
Elizabeth M. Whelan

42. Science, Ethics, and Human Destiny
John C. Polanyi

43. Motives, Ethics, and Responsibility in Research and Technology Development
Subrata Saha, Pamela Saha

44. Science and Technology Policy for Social Development
Semahat S. Demir

45. Medicine and Health Safety
Richard A. Baird, Roderic I. Pettigrew

46. Patient Safety: Building a Triangle of Importance
T.K. Partha Sarathy

47. Design of Appropriate Medical Technologies: Engineering Social Responsibility and Awareness
Nigel H. Lovell

48. Ubiquitous Healthcare: A Fundamental Right in the Civilized World
Pradeep Ray, Dhanjoo Ghista

49. Towards Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Systems
Xiaofei F. Teng, Yuan-Ting Zhang

50. From War to Law via Science
John C. Polanyi

51. Science and Technology for Sustainable Well Being
Rajendra K. Pachauri

52. Nonviolence for Technocrats
Arun M. Gandhi

53. Humanistic Science and Technology for a Hunger-Free World
M.S. Swaminathan

54. Feeding the Hungry
Norman E. Borlaug

55. Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Engineering Design
Raghav Narayanan, Ashbindu Singh

56. Improving Public Health Quality and Equity through Effective Use of Technology
Andrei Issakov, S. Yunkap Kwankam

57. Information Sharing in the 21st Century
Vinton G. Cerf

58. Energy and Sustainability in the 21st Century
John P. Holdren

59. Health and Human Rights: A Global Mandate
Sarah Hall Gueldner

60. Gender Equality: Progress and Challenges
Yunfeng Wu, Yachao Zhou, Metin Akay

61. Complexity: Mastering the Interdependence of Biology, Engineering and Health
Yaneer Bar-Yam

62. Enhancing Humanity
Raymond C. Tallis, D. Litt

63. Translational Research
Gail D. Baura

64. Research Paving the Way for Therapeutics and Diagnostics
Dieter Falkenhagen

65. Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Competency Development
Joaquin Azpiroz Leehan

66. The 21st Century Mind: The Roles of a Futures Institute
Rick L. Smyre

67. Accelerating Innovation in the 21st Century
Ralph W. Wyndrum

68. Benign Application of Knowledge through Evolutionary Theory
David Sloan Wilson

69. Honor Thy Profession
Max E. Valentinuzzi

70. Technical Leadership: An International Imperative
Colonel Barry L. Shoop

71. The Art of Achieving the Menschhood
Guy Kawasaki

72. Ten Questions for Individual Leadership Development
Reverend John C. Maxwell

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