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Sourcebook of Paleolithic Transitions

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Table of contents

1. Has the Notion of “Transitions” in Paleolithic Prehistory Outlived Its Usefulness? The European Record in Wider Context
Lawrence Guy Straus

2. Accidents of History: Conceptual Frameworks in Paleoarchaeology
Geoffrey A. Clark

3. Defining Modernity, Establishing Rubicons, Imagining the Other—and the Neanderthal Enigma
Olga Soffer

4. The Longest Transition or Multiple Revolutions?
John A. J. Gowlett

5. Quantifying Transitions: Morphometric Approaches to Palaeolithic Variability and Technological Change
Stephen J. Lycett

6. ESR Dating at Hominid and Archaeological Sites During the Pleistocene
Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Anne R. Skinner, Joel I.B. Blickstein, L.V. Golovanova, V.B. Doronichev, M.R. Séronie-Vivien

7. The South Asian Paleolithic Record and Its Potential for Transitions Studies
Parth R. Chauhan

8. DISCUSSION 1: An Overview of Matters Transitional, From the Outside Looking In
Angela E. Close

9. From Nothing to Something: The Appearance and Context of the Earliest Archaeological Record
Michael J. Rogers, Sileshi Semaw

10. The Oldowan-Acheulian Transition: Is there a “Developed Oldowan” Artifact Tradition?
Sileshi Semaw, Michael Rogers, Dietrich Stout

11. Lower Palaeolithic Transitions in the Northern Latitudes of Eurasia
Jan Michal Burdukiewicz

12. Hominin Adaptability and Patterns of Faunal Turnover in the Early to Middle Pleistocene Transition in the Levant
Miriam Belmaker

13. DISCUSSION 2: Transitions: Behavioral Change in the Early Pleistocene
Robin Dennell

14. Assessing the Lower to Middle Paleolithic Transition
Michael Chazan

15. The East Asian Middle Paleolithic Reexamined
Christopher J. Norton, Xing Gao, Xingwu Feng

16. The Lower to Middle Paleolithic Transition in South Asia and Its Implications for Hominin Cognition and Dispersals
H. James, M.D. Petraglia

17. DISCUSSION 3: The Lower to Middle Paleolithic Transition
Paola Villa

18. The Middle-Upper Paleolithic Transition Revisited
Robert G. Bednarik

19. Historical Perspectives on the European Transition from Middle to Upper Paleolithic
Francis B. Harrold

20. From the Middle to the Later Stone Age in Eastern Africa
Pamela R. Willoughby

21. Comparing Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transitions in the Middle East and Egypt
Deborah I. Olszewski

22. Through the Looking-Glass. The Most Recent Years of Cantabrian Research in the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition
Alvaro Arrizabalaga, Maria José Iriarte

23. The Transitional Aurignacian and the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic Transition Model in Cantabrian Iberia
Federico Bernaldo Quirós, José Manuel Maíllo-Fernández

24. Hard Work Never Goes to Waste: The Role of Iberia in the Mid-Upper Paleolithic Transition
Marta Camps

25. What Is a ‘Transitional’ Industry? The Uluzzian of Southern Italy as a Case Study
Julien Riel-Salvatore

26. Middle/Upper Paleolithic Interface in Vindija Cave (Croatia): New Results and Interpretations
Ivor Karavanić, Marylène Patou-Mathis

27. Szeletian, Not Aurignacian: A Review of the Chronology and Cultural Associations of the Vindija G1 Neandertals
João Zilhão

28. The Bükk Mountain Szeletian: Old and New Views on “Transitional” Material from the Eponymous Site of the Szeletian
Brian Adams

29. The Subsistence Behaviours of the Last Crimean Neanderthals
Marylène Patou-Mathis

30. DISCUSSION 4: The Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic Transition: What News?
Erella Hovers

31. Investigating the Aurignacian/Gravettian Transition in the Bistriţa Valley (NE-Romania)
Leif Steguweit

32. Modern Human Colonization of the Siberian Mammoth Steppe: A View from South-Central Siberia
Kelly E. Graf

33. Shades of Gray: The Paleoindian–Early Archaic “Transition” in the Northeast
J. M. Adovasio, Kurt W. Carr

34. Central Andean Lithic Techno-Typology at the Terminal Pleistocene-Early Holocene Transition
Elmo Leon Canales

35. The Paleolithic-Mesolithic Transition
Marcel Otte

36. DISCUSSION 5: Transitions in the Later Palaeolithic
Rupert A. Housley

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Archaeology, Anthropology

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