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Advances in Numerical Methods

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2. Similarity solutions of an MHD boundary-layer flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past a continuous moving surface
M. Guedda, Z. Mahani, M. Benlahcen, A. Hakim

3. Computational complexity investigations for high-dimensional model representation algorithms used in multivariate interpolation problems
M. A. Tunga, M. Demiralp

4. On competition between modes of the onset of Marangoni convection with free-slip bottom under magnetic field
N. M. Arifin, H. Rosali

5. Mathematical modeling of boundary layer flow over a moving thin needle with variable heat flux
S. Ahmad, N. M. Arifin, R. Nazar, I. Pop

6. The parallel three-processor fifth-order diagonally implicit Runge–Kutta methods for solving ordinary differential equations
U. K. S. Din, F. Ismail, M. Suleiman, Z. A. Majid, M. Othman

7. Comparative study of production control systems through simulation
K. Onan, B. Sennaroglu

8. A DEA and goal programming approach to demand assignment problem
Y. Ekinci

9. Space–time mixture model of infant mortality in peninsular Malaysia from 1990 to 2000
N. Abdul Rahman, A. A. Jemain

10. A novel hybrid high-dimensional model representation (HDMR) based on the combination of plain and logarithmic high-dimensional model representations
B. Tunga, M. Demiralp

11. A decision support system to evaluate the competitiveness of nations
Ş. Önsel, F. Ülengin, G. Ulusoy, Ö. Kabak, Y. İ. Topcu, E. Aktaş

12. Numerical analysis for kinetics and yield of wood biomass pyrolysis
F. Marra

13. Maintenance of the pre-large trees for record deletion
Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong, Wen-Hsiang Lu

14. ALE method in the EFG crystal growth technique
Liliana Braescu, Thomas F. George

15. Application of e-learning methods in the curricula of the faculty of computer science
J. P. Nowacki, L. Banachowski

16. Hierarchical Bayesian approach for ranking of accident blackspots with reference to cost of accidents
Noorizam Daud, Kamarulzaman Ibrahim

17. Impulsive noise removal image ehancement technique
Subrajeet Mohapatra, Pankaj Kumar Sa, Banshidhar Majhi

18. Similarity-based model for transliteration
Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Fuji Ren

19. Heart rate variation adaptive filtering based on a special model
S. Seyedtabaii

20. Performance evaluation of table-driven and buffer-adaptive WLANs
Imam Al-Wazedi, A. K. Elhakeem

21. A new algorithm in blind source separation for high-dimensional data sets such as MEG data
Jalil Taghia, M. A. Doostari, Jalal Taghia

22. Visible light source temperature estimation using digital camera photography
Anagha M. Panditrao, Priti P. Rege

23. Discrete decentralized observation of large-scale interconnected systems
M. Zazi, N. Elalami

24. Improved iterative blind image deconvolution
Pankaj Kumar Sa, Ratnakar Dash, Banshidhar Majhi, Ganapati Panda

25. Design of a linear quadratic Gaussian controller for a manufacturing process
M. K. Yurtseven, B. Agaran

26. 3D reconstruction and isometric representation of engineering drawings
Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem, Anita Malik

27. Implementation of the box-counting method in radiographic images
K. Harrar, L. Hamami

28. Aeroelastic simulation of wind turbine blades
Z.L. Mahri, M.S. Rouabah, Z. Said

29. Time-delay telerobot system control model research
Jin He, Qingxin Meng

30. Hardware implementation of a multidimensional signal analysis system
V.N. Ivanović, R. Stojanović, S. Jovanovski

31. Space-filling fractal microstrip antenna
M. Ismail, H. Elsadek, E. A. Abdallah, A. A. Ammar

32. Reliability assessment and improvement of medium power induction motor winding insulation protection system using predictive analysis
M. Chafai, L. Refoufi, H. Bentarzi

33. Feature extraction by wavelet transforms to analyze the heart rate variability during two meditation techniques
G. Kheder, A. Kachouri, R. Taleb, M. ben Messaoud, M. Samet

34. Fractional mechanical model for the dynamics of non-local continuum
G. Cottone, M. Di Paola, M. Zingales

35. Fuzzy control for shape memory alloy tendon-actuated robotic structure
N. G. Bizdoaca, A. Petrisor, E Bîzdoacă, I. Diaconu

36. Implementing delayed file loading functions
Nakhoon Baek, Suwan Park, Seong Won Ryu, Chang Jun Park

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Math Applications in Computer Science, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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