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Energy Harvesting Technologies

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Table of contents

Part I. Piezoelectric and Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting

1. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Hyunuk Kim, Yonas Tadesse, Shashank Priya

2. Electromechanical Modeling of Cantilevered Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Persistent Base Motions
Alper Erturk, Daniel J. Inman

3. Performance Evaluation of Vibration-Based Piezoelectric Energy Scavengers
Yi-Chung Shu

4. Piezoelectric Equivalent Circuit Models
Björn Richter, Jens Twiefel, Jörg Wallaschek

5. Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting
Stephen P Beeby, Terence O’Donnell

Part II. Energy Harvesting Circuits and Architectures

6. On the Optimal Energy Harvesting from a Vibration Source Using a Piezoelectric Stack
Jamil M. Renno, Mohammed F. Daqaq, Daniel J. Inman

7. Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors
S.W. Arms, C.P. Townsend, D.L. Churchill, M.J. Hamel, M. Augustin, D. Yeary, N. Phan

8. Energy Harvesting using Non-linear Techniques
Daniel Guyomar, Claude Richard, Adrien Badel, Elie Lefeuvre, Mickaël Lallart

9. Power Sources for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dan Steingart

10. Harvesting Microelectronic Circuits
Gabriel A. Rincón-Mora

Part III. Thermoelectrics

11. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
G. Jeffrey Snyder

12. Optimized Thermoelectrics For Energy Harvesting Applications
James L. Bierschenk

Part IV. Microbatteries

13. Thin Film Batteries for Energy Harvesting
Nancy J. Dudney

14. Materials for High-energy Density Batteries
Arumugam Manthiram

Part V. Selected Applications of Energy Harvesting Systems

15. Feasibility of an Implantable, Stimulated Muscle-Powered Piezoelectric Generator as a Power Source for Implanted Medical Devices
B.E. Lewandowski, K. L. Kilgore, K.J. Gustafson

16. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Bio MEMS Applications
William W. Clark, Changki Mo

17. Harvesting Energy from the Straps of a Backpack Using Piezoelectric Materials
Henry A. Sodano

18. Energy Harvesting for Active RF Sensors and ID Tags
Abhiman Hande, Raj Bridgelall, Dinesh Bhatia

19. Powering Wireless SHM Sensor Nodes through Energy Harvesting
Gyuhae Park, Kevin M. Farinholt, Charles R. Farrar, Tajana Rosing, Michael D. Todd

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